1993 [14 cases]

A UFO sighting at a prison in Brasilia in 1991 is academically studied [1997]*

In Vila Planalto-DF, six people sighted a large round UFO [1993]

Two Air Force pilots reported a white light UFO flying above ‘Mach .8’ near Santa Maria-RS [1993]

A pilot reports 3 UFO sightings during flights between Brasília-DF and Curitiba-PR [1993]

Two pilots reported 4 ‘balls of fire’ during a flight between Porto Velho-RO and Cuiabá-MT [1993]

Letter from a civilian to the Commander of CINDACTA II in Curitiba about UFOs [1993]

A woman from Paranaguá-PR reported two UFO sightings within a month [1993]

A woman in Curitiba-PR spotted four round UFOs moving in circles [1993]

A woman from Curitiba reported her second UFO sighting in 6 years [1993]

5 people observed a star-like multicolor UFO in Curitiba-PR [1993]

A round white and yellow UFO was observed in Curitiba-PR [1993]

A blue light UFO hovered over a penitentiary in Brasília-DF [1993]

16 people observed two oval multicolor UFOs in Ceilândia Sul-DF [1993]

In Vitória-ES, a woman reported 5 point-shaped silver UFOs at high speed [1993]