1994 [37 cases]

A blue star-like UFO was spotted by five people in Brasília-DF [1994]

A round multicolor UFO was seen moving vertically in Alcobaça-BA [1994]

A family observed a triangular UFO hovering over Brasília-DF [1994]

A round silver UFO spotted by 5 people in Brasília-DF [1994]

A man spotted a white elongated UFO in Belo Horizonte-MG [1994]

A delta shaped UFO was sighted above the airport in Belém-PA [1994]

10 round blue UFOs were spotted in Brasília-DF

In Brasília-DF, five people observed 3 UFOs leaving a pink spectrum around them [1994]

Two people sighted a star-like UFO zigzagging in Gioânia-GO

A man reported UFO sightings two days in a row in Ceilândia-DF [1994]

“Several luminous objects” spotted by 3 pilots during their flights near Fortaleza-CE [1994]

During a flight to Manaus-AM a pilot reported a continuous UFO sighting [1994]

A silver star-like UFO was spotted by three people in Brasília-DF [1994]

A large round UFO was spotted in Curitiba-PR [1994]

A pilot spotted a disintegrating UFO at great speed over Minaçu-GO [1994]

Two bright white dot-like UFOs reported in Curitiba-PR [1994]


Two round UFOs were spotted hovering over Curitiba-PR [1994]

A ‘very large quadrilateral’ UFO was observed in Cruzeiro Velho-DF [1994]

A group of firefighters reported a cone shaped UFO near Porto Velho-RO [1994]

Two star-like UFOs hovered over São Félix do Araguaia-MT for 2 hours [1994]

Three people observed an elongated UFO hovering over Brasília-DF [1994]

In Santos-SP, a man observed four round UFOs moving erratically at high speed [1994]

15 people observed a disc shaped UFO flying slow over Vila Planalto-DF [1994]

A round stationary UFO was spotted during a flight to Curitiba-PR [1994]

A stationary multicolor UFO was sighted by 4 people in Campo Grande-MS [1994]

In Brasília-DF, a pilot reported a large fireball falling [1994]

A woman reported recurring sightings of both oval and disc shaped UFOs in Pompeu-MG [1994]

A star-like blue object flying slow was observed in Curitiba [1994]

In Tuparendi-RS, seven people observed a round UFO moving vertically for 2 hours [1994]

A sighting that ended the UFO skepticism of a witness in Curitiba-PR [1994]

A flight controller observed a UFO flying in a helical trajectory in Porto Alegre-RS [1994]

4 reports, 53 people and multiple sightings around Brasília-DF [1994]

20 people observed a multicolor UFO for 1 hour in Curitiba-PR [1994]

Three people reported a round UFO sighting near the airport in Foz do Iguaçu-PR [1994]

A woman observed a star-like UFO 2 days in a row in Taguatinga Norte-DF [1994]

A round UFO was spotted near the Caiobá Beach, in Matinhos-PR [1994]