1995 [13 cases]

A man from Luziânia-GO reported the sighting of 6 UFOs and a previous contact [1995]

A pilot observed a stationary multicolor UFO between Cuiabá-MT and São Paulo-SP [1995]

Four people reported a close encounter with a stationary UFO in Peruíbe-SP [1995]

A family observed two big round UFOs from a car near Curitiba-PR [1995]

Two oval multicolor UFOs observed during a flight over Florianópolis-SC [1995]

A pilot reported a multicolor UFO flying near the speed ​​of light over Catanduvas-SC [1995]

Three people observed a spherical UFO rise vertically in Curitiba-PR [1995]

A star-like UFO was spotted moving vertically in Ceilândia-DF [1995]

4 people saw a centipede-like UFO moving at the speed of light in Curitiba-PR [1995]

Three people reported a flash light flying 150 ft above their heads in Curitiba-PR [1995]

A sparkling bean-like UFO was spotted in Porto Alegre-RS [1995]

Letter requesting access to the films of the Operação Prato [Operation Saucer] made in Pará [1995]

A couple observed a group of lights flying low in Brasília-DF [1995]