1996 [53 cases]

Five people in Taguatinga-DF observed a stationary three-pointed UFO for 2 hours [1996]

A family in Taguatinga-DF observed 2 UFOs two days in a row [1996]

8 people observed a round UFO perform slow and sporadic moves in Recanto das Emas-DF [1996]

During a flight, two pilots observed a pulsating red and white UFO over Pará [1996]

A star-like UFO hovered low over Porto Alegre-RS [1996]

A round multicolor UFO was seen flying slow in Santa Cruz do Sul-RS [1996]

A man spotted a large round UFO with 2 dots on its top in Porto Alegre-RS [1996]

Two people observed 2 multicolor UFOs hovering over Santa Cruz do Sul-RS [1996]

A shape-shifting UFO was spotted in Itaqui-RS [1996]

A woman reported seeing the same ufo everyday for 2 hours in Tuparendi-RS [1996]

A large round yellow UFO was spotted in Porto Alegre-RS [1996]

In Marau-RS, several people sighted a two-pointed star with a tail [1996]

A big oval UFO was observed by a crowd in Novo Hamburgo-RS [1996]

A family reported a round UFO with cavities in Pelotas-RS [1996]

A bright star-like UFO was sighted hovering over Brasília-DF [1996]

A big round UFO was observed in Cachoeirinha-RS during 40 min [1996]

A bright red and green UFO spotted in Taquara-RS [1996]

Two people observed an oval UFO flying low for 45 minutes in Tapera-RS [1996]

A UFO moving sideways was spotted in Porto Alegre-RS [1996]

A big round UFO was observed between Caçapava do Sul and Cachoeira do Sul-RS [1996]

A round black and white UFO at slow speed spotted in Curitiba-PR [1996]

A man reported a close encounter of a crowd with ten large flying saucers in São Leopoldo-RS [1996]

A cigar shaped UFO was spotted hovering over Boqueirão in Curitiba-PR [1996]

A round large UFO was observed flying fast in Curitiba [1996]

A round UFO hovered and then went off at high speed in Curitiba-PR [1996]

An oval zigzagging UFO was observed in Curitiba for 1 hour [1996]

A man reported a big round white UFO hovering low in Curitiba-PR [1996]

A big star-like UFO sighted in Capão da Canoa-RS [1996]

A flashing white UFO spotted in Taguatinga-DF [1996]

A pilot reported 2 UFOs following his plane near the south coast of São Paulo [1996]

A letter inquiring about the capture of strange beings in Varginha-MG [1996]

Dozens os star-like UFOs were spotted flying in formation during 80 min in Planaltina-GO [1996]

A person reports the second UFO sighting in a month in Gravataí-RS [1996]

Two round white and silver UFOs were spotted in Curitiba-PR [1996]

A crowd observes a round yellow UFO for more than 5 hours in Caxambu-MG [1996]

In Salvador-BA, a radar operator reported 3 objects at high speed [1996]

A round UFO with strong lights spotted hovering over Brasília [1996]

30 people saw 2 UFOs performing erratic movements in Curitiba-PR [1996]

An oval multicolor UFO spotted at very low speed in Samambaia Sul-DF [1996]

A pilot spotted an unconventional aircraft in Florianópolis-SC [1996]

6 round UFOs observed by a crowd during an astronomy exhibition in Araçatuba-SP [1996]

A pilot reported a disc shaped UFO hovering at 50.000ft over Lages-SC [1996]

A round red UFO going up and down was sppoted by 3 people in Curitiba-PR [1996]

A UFO interfered with the navigation gear of an aircraft near Gurupi-TO [1996]

Seven people observed 2 oval UFOs on the campus of UNESP in Araçatuba-SP [1996]

A fireball splited in two before exploding when it fell in Aracaju-SE [1996]

A small triangular red UFO spotted by 3 people in Planaltina-DF [1996]

A bright light UFO was spotted in Carpina-PE [1996]

People in 3 northeastern states in Brazil report the same UFO sighting [1996]

Two beam-of-light UFOs spotted in Pelotas-RS [1996]

20 people observed countless shape-shifting UFOs in Ceilândia Norte-DF [1996]*

Several white round Ufos observed by eight people in Ceilândia-DF [1996]*

A person saw a round white UFO moving vertically from his backyard in Sobradinho-DF [1996]