1997 [27 cases]

A Ufologist asked the Air Force for help and listed dozens of sightings in Araçatuba-SP [1997]

A round orange UFO splits in two and fly low over Gravataí-RS [1997]

A round orange UFO was seen stopping and changing its course in Curitiba [1997]

A crowd observed 5 round white UFOs near an airstrip of Canoas Airport – RS [1997]

A fast bluish green UFO spotted in Foz do Iguaçu-PR [1997]

A family observed two bright white UFOs at high speed in Curitiba [1997]

Several round white UFOs were spotted illuminating a building in Brasília [1997]

A round and a star-like red UFOs spotted in Curitiba [1997]

Two big bird-like UFOs spotted in Belo Horizonte-MG moving in circles [1997]

Three big round UFOs followed a plane near Corumbá-MS [1997]

A cigar-shaped mothership sighted in Curitiba-PR by six people [1997]

4 people observed a big UFO with small ones around it in Paranaguá-PR [1997]

A ret. military reported 2 sightings – one in 1997 and the other in the 1960’s when he was a cadet at AMAN [1997]

A person observed the same big round red UFO for two weeks in Curitiba [1997]

The airport personnel spotted a star-like UFO twice at Ponta Grossa Airport [1997]

A UFO sighting at a prison in Brasilia in 1991 is academically studied [1997]

An airline crew reported a big blue UFO near Salvador-BA [1997]

A close encounter with a UFO caused fear on a farm in Ilhéus-BA [1997]

Three UFO sightings in two days reported by military on duty at CPBV Air Base-PA [1997]

A rancher reported 3 sightings in 15 days, of two round silver UFOs [1997]

Four oval shaped UFOs were seen in Curitiba [1997]

Two fast silver ball-like UFOs spotted near a plane in Curitiba [1997]

Three people spotted a round UFO going up and down in Cruz Alta-RS [1997]

A low altitude “floating” UFO was spotted in Champagnat, Curitiba [1997]

Several bright white dot-like UFOs spotted in Curitiba [1997]*

A white and red dot-like UFO spotted hovering over Curitiba [1997]*

Two people observed a big sliding UFO with a tail in Curitiba [1997]