1998 [22 cases]

A man reported the fall of a big blue UFO in Diamantino-MT [1998]

A round shape-shifting UFO observed in Curitiba [1998]

A round blinding-shiny UFO was spotted in Brasília-DF [1998]

A round red UFO observed in Curitiba by three people [1998]

A round UFO with flashing triangular lights spotted by 7 people in Curitiba [1998]

A white dot UFO spotted hovering over Curitiba [1998]

An aircraft pilot observed 2 star-like UFOs for 45 min in Brasília-DF [1998]

A round white UFO hovered over Brasília for 60 minutes [1998]

Two small oval UFOs spotted in São Paulo [1998]

Two people spotted a large round UFO on the outskirts of Brasilia [1998]

3 large round UFOs sighted in Goiânia and spotted by radar in Anápolis [1998]

A round white UFO spotted in Brasília-DF [1998]

Six people in a car were chased by 3 triangular UFOs near Brasília-DF [1998]

A ping-pong ball-like UFO spotted hovering over Curitiba [1998]h

People on a plane spotted a UFO between Varginha and São Tomé das Letras-MG [1998]

Three people spotted a spinning UFO hovering near Boa Viagem in Recife [1998]

Fifteen round UFOs spotted zigzagging in Curitiba [1998]

A gray cigar-shaped UFO spotted in Curitiba [1998]

Eight round UFOs followed a car in Santo Antonio de Lisboa-SC [1998]

Three people reported a close encounter with a cylindrical UFO and rumors of abduction attempts in Pilõezinhos-PB [1998]

Five people had a close encounter with 2 small multicolor ORBs in Santa Maria-RS [1998]

Six people spotted 4 star-like UFOs flying slowly in Curitiba [1998]