1999 [34 cases]

Three people reported sighting and close encounter with 2 red star-like UFOs in Curitiba [1999]

A multicolor UFO was spotted zigzagging between Luziânia and Ipameri-GO [1999]

In Brasília, 7 people spotted 4 UFOs zigzagging and leaving light trails [1999]

A star-like UFO spotted hovering in Curitiba [1999]

Three star-like UFOs at high speed sighted in Irati-PR [1999]

40 people observed a round UFO being chased by aircrafts in Armazém-SC [1999]

Two people saw a multicolor UFO in Olinda-PE [1999]

A small multicolor UFO spotted in Porto Alegre-RS [1999]

A yellow UFO spotted in Londrina-PR [1999]

A witness reports recurring sightings of a round yellow UFO in Sobradinho-DF [1999]

In Colombo-PR, two people spotted an oval silver UFO [1999]

Two round UFOs spotted hovering over Sobradinho I-DF [1999]

A round multicolor UFO spotted in Ribeirão Preto-SP [1999]

A red star like UFO sighted by four people in Assis Chateaubriand-PR [1999]

A cigar shaped mothership spotted in Caruaru-PE [1999]

An oval spinning UFO spotted in Brasilía-DF [1999]

A man reported a close encounter with a round UFO in Getulina-SP [1999]

A UFO followed a plane for one hour, and it was observed by the crew members [1999]

A yellow light UFO moved in circles near the airport in Ribeirão Preto [1999]

A big star-like UFO spotted by five people in Campo Mourão [1999]

A tiny round multicolored UFO follows an airplane on its way to Brasília [1999]

Four people saw a round orange UFO in Curitiba [1999]

In Brasília, three people spotted a large round white UFO going round in circles [1999]**

Two large round UFOs moving in circles above Brasília [1999]**

Three triangular UFOs at high speed spotted by an airline crew [1999]*

A fighter pilot spotted 3 triangular UFOs at impossible speed in Araraquara [1999]*

Three people saw a cigar-shaped UFO in Curitiba [1999]

Three people saw a gray UFO expelling golden smoke in Medianeiras [1999]

A big round metallic UFO sighted in Cabo de Santo Agostinho-PE [1999]

A football stadium sized UFO spotted hovering for 40 minutes in Pelotas [1999]

A witness reports a white round UFO circling her house [1999]

Two people saw a large round white UFO hovering over São Paulo [1999]

A round white UFO spotted in Bela Vista-SP [1999]

A star-like UFO flying low was spotted in Brasília-DF [1999]