2000 [21 cases]

A long time contactee reports UFOs sighting, close encounter and an ET message [2000]

People from different neighborhoods in Curitiba report the same round orange UFO [2000]*

A round orange UFO hovered over Curitiba [2000]*

Two yellow dot-like UFOs sighted in Porto Alegre [2000]

A star-like orange UFO spotted in Curitiba [2000]

A white light UFO spotted by a piltot during a flight near Petrolina [2000]

A cigar-shaped mothership with 5 more UFOs were sighted in Florianópolis [2000]

A 15-meter-diameter flying saucer was observed in Curitiba [2000]

Two round metallic UFOs spotted in Sobradinho [2000]

A huge crab-like UFO hovered at a low altitude in Curitiba [2000]

A witness saw a white cigar shaped UFO flying low in Curitiba [2000]

A triangular UFO spotted zigzagging at high altitude under the moonlight [2000]

Two cylindrical white UFOs observed in Curitiba [2000]

Five round blinking red UFOs spotted moving in circles in Londrina [2000]

Two round shiny UFOs sighted flying over Curitiba [2000]

A family contacts the Air Force 2 times in one night after spotting UFOs near buildings [2000]

Six people observe two UFOs zigzagging lower than buildings while reporting it to the Air Force [2000]

A white light UFO at low speed was seen flying over an air base in Rio [2000]

Weather balloon spotted by two people in Porecatu, Paraná [2000]

A man reports a long history of sightings and close encounters with UFOs in Igarapava [2000]

A big yellow line-like UFO spotted in Curitiba [2000]