2001 [26 cases]

Four people spotted several star-like UFOs above the airport in Montes Claros [2001]

A round orange UFO observed by two people in Iguarapava-SP [2001]

A round multicolored UFO hovered over Guará I – DF [2001]

Erratic UFO spotted in Curitiba [2001]

Dozens of golden triangular UFOs observed in Brasília-DF [2001]

A white ball-shaped UFO observed in Goiânia for more than 2hrs [2001]

A cigar-shaped UFO spotted in a pendulum-like motion over Canoas [2001]

A spherical UFO spotted flying over federal government buildings in Brasília-DF [2001]+

Two witnesses spotted a bright blue & red UFO in Sobradinho-DF [2001]+

A round gray and red UFO hovered at low altitude in Curitiba [2001]

A round silver UFO with varying brightness hovered near Ipameri [2001]**

A crowd observed a round white UFO hovering over Paracatu for 2 hours [2001]**

A UFO with strong luminosity triggered the air defense fighter jets in Anápolis [2001]**

Two multicolor bright lights were seen hovering over Brasília [2001]**

A shape-shifting UFO spotted hovering at a high altitude over Dourados [2001]

Four people spotted a bright round UFO hovering over Curitiba [2001]

A red comet-like UFO spotted over Curitiba [2001]

A spinning star-like UFO sighted near Curitiba [2001]

A big round UFO hovered over Goiânia [2001]

Several white dots spotted leaving large red trails over Rio de Janeiro [2001]

Football field sized UFO moving vertilcally sighted in Pelotas [2001]

Rocket-like UFO seen by two pilots and an air traffic controller in São Luís [2001]

A black cigar-shaped UFO spotted by 5 people near Curitiba [2001]

A fast blue star-like UFO reported in Goiânia [2001]

150 people saw a round green UFO in Estirão do Equador, Amazonas [2001]

A red orb spotted at low speed in Curitiba [2001]