2015 [14 cases]

11 people witnessed a UFO making sudden moves on New Year’s Day [2015]

A policeman saw a UFO going up and down in the sky of Alagoinhas [2015]

Two oval shaped metallic UFOs spotted downtown Curitiba by 5 people [2015]

A UFO crossed in front of an airliner at impossible speed near Aracaju-SE [2015]

Two pilots report a TCAS’ detection of a UFO [2015]

Aircraft pilot performs evasive maneuvers after detecting UFO just 2,500 feet away [2015]

A UFO spotted near an airstrip in Manaus Air Base [2015]

Four aircrafts detected and reported a bright light shaped UFO in Campinas [2015]

Three different airliners report the same UFO sighting [2015]

A long tubular black object seen from a force fighter jet [2015]

A round white flashing UFO moving slowly over Manaus’ Air Base [2015]

Two spherical ufos spotted at incredible speed in Ivaiporã. [2015]

Bright white zigzagging UFO sighted in Manaus – AM [2015]

Three blinking lights in Rio de Janeiro spotted by a pilot after takeoff [2015]