150 people saw a round green UFO in Estirão do Equador, Amazonas [2001]

Power failure and UFO spotting at an airport in Manaus reported by 5 air traffic controllers [2004]

A stationary luminous UFO flashing synchronously over Manaus [2007]*

Two airliners report a luminous UFO. One of them is chased [2007]

Jelly-like flashing UFO spotted by a witness who claims to have seen it before [2007]*

Pilot and Co-pilot saw a high speed UFO in front of their aircraft near Manaus [2010]

A big “V” shaped black UFO spotted by 3 air traffic controllers in Manaus [2010]

A UFO follows and mirrors a plane’s movements 2 days in a row on the same route [2011]

During an international flight an aircraft detects a UFO over the skies of Amazonas [2013]

A UFO spotted near an airstrip in Manaus Air Base [2015]

A round white flashing UFO moving slowly over Manaus’ Air Base [2015]

Bright white zigzagging UFO sighted in Manaus – AM [2015]

A Brazilian Navy Corvette spotted UFOs in the Amazon River, in Parintins-AM [1980]