Goiás [29 cases]

UFO sightings, contacts with beings and paranormal experiences in Alexânia-GO [1967 and 1969]

A UFO at supersonic speed detected by 2 aircraft radars near Anapolis Air Base [2010]

Two giant UFOs sighted by air controllers and 2 airline pilots in Goiânia [2004]

4km and 18km long UFOs spotted by 4 air traffic controllers and an airline radar near Goiânia [2004]

Witness in shock after large triangular UFO hovered over him in Goiânia [2002]

A fast blue star-like UFO reported in Goiânia [2001]

A big round UFO hovered over Goiânia [2001]

A UFO with strong luminosity triggered the air defense fighter jets in Anápolis [2001]**

A round silver UFO with varying brightness hovered near Ipameri [2001]**

A white ball-shaped UFO observed in Goiânia for more than 2hrs [2001]

A tiny round multicolored UFO follows an airplane on its way to Brasília [1999]

A multicolor UFO was spotted zigzagging between Luziânia and Ipameri-GO [1999]

3 large round UFOs sighted in Goiânia and spotted by radar in Anápolis [1998]

A UFO interfered with the navigation gear of an aircraft near Gurupi-TO [1996]

Dozens os star-like UFOs were spotted flying in formation during 80 min in Planaltina-GO [1996]

A man from Luziânia-GO reported the sighting of 6 UFOs and a previous contact [1995]

Two people sighted a star-like UFO zigzagging in Gioânia-GO

4 reports, 53 people and multiple sightings around Brasília-DF [1994]

A pilot reports 3 UFO sightings during flights between Brasília-DF and Curitiba-PR [1993]

A man in Goiânia-GO reported a close encounter with a UFO and 2 beings in his backyard [1990]”

A cigar-shaped UFO was reported by a military in Juçara-GO [1989]

The crew of VASP 374 observed a round white UFO near Goiânia-GO [1988]

“THE UFOs NIGHT IN BRAZIL” [1986] #7 – Time-line

A pilot and an air traffic controller observed a UFO near the airport in GOIÂNIA-GO [1984]

Radars in Brasília-DF and people in Goiânia-GO reported UFOs [1984]

Several UFO sightings and radar detections 2 weeks in a row in Anápolis-GO [1982]

A round UFO was spotted at Anápolis-GO Air Base by its military personnel [1982]

UFOs in Goiânia-Go were observed and detected by pilots and air traffic controllers [1980]

A letter from a civilian to the Min. of Aeronautics reporting a UFO sighting in Ceres-GO [1979]