Minas Gerais

A long tubular black object seen from a force fighter jet [2015]

Three large white UFOs over Belo Horizonte [2012]

A UFO with strong yellow lights reported by two airline pilots near Uberlândia [2007]

A round silver UFO reported between Itajubá and São Lourenço-MG [2007]

Several people saw a UFO moving like a windshield wiper in Senador Firmino [2003]

A high number of calls forces a Fire Dept Chief report a UFO sight to the Air Force [2003]

A crowd observed a round white UFO hovering over Paracatu for 2 hours [2001]**

Four people spotted several star-like UFOs above the airport in Montes Claros [2001]

People on a plane spotted a UFO between Varginha and São Tomé das Letras-MG [1998]

Two big bird-like UFOs spotted in Belo Horizonte-MG moving in circles [1997]


A letter inquiring about the capture of strange beings in Varginha-MG [1996]

During a flight, two pilots observed a pulsating red and white UFO over Pará [1996]

4 people saw a centipede-like UFO moving at the speed of light in Curitiba-PR [1995]

A man spotted a white elongated UFO in Belo Horizonte-MG [1994]

A woman reported recurring sightings of both oval and disc shaped UFOs in Pompeu-MG [1994]

In Paracatu-MG, nine people sighted a star-like UFO 3 times faster than a jet [1992]

A man reported two previous UFO cases in Itajubá-MG [1990]

20 people in Montes Claros-MG observed 8 star-like UFOs during 90 minutes [1986]

A pilot reported two UFO sightings when flying over Montes Claros-MG [1986]

A pilot and co-pilot reported that they were followed by a UFO [1986]

A pilot reported a large UFO casting beams of light in his direction near Uberaba-MG [1986]

“For those who believe in flying saucers, this is definitely one …” – FAB Pilot. [1985]

Two FAB pilots reported close eye contact with a UFO in the Uberlândia-MG region [1982]

Pilots of the same air company and route reported the same UFO 3 days in a row near B.H.-MG [1982]

Two pilots in two different flights reported the same UFO over Governador Valadares-MG [1979]

Pilots reported engine failure and electrical breakdown as a UFO approached the aircraft [1978]

A ‘huge’ shape-shifting cloud-like UFO was spotted in Belo Horizonte-MG [1974]

A Ret. General reported a UFO sighting near Realeza-MG [1972]

Pilots, controllers and hundreds of people spotted a UFO squad in Belo Horizonte-MG [1972]

An oval shaped UFO was sighted by most of the population of Varginha-MG [1971]

The “Duas Pontes Case”: UFOs sightings and a fatal abduction in Diamantina-MG [1962]