Aircraft pilot performs evasive maneuvers after detecting UFO just 2,500 feet away [2015]

A bright UFO over Boa Viagem beach in Recife-PE [2011]

A shining UFO was seen and detected by an airline pilot near Recife [2006]

A flickering light chases an airliner with no radar detection near Natal [2006]

A white light UFO spotted by a piltot during a flight near Petrolina [2000]

A big round metallic UFO sighted in Cabo de Santo Agostinho-PE [1999]

A cigar shaped mothership spotted in Caruaru-PE [1999]

Two people saw a multicolor UFO in Olinda-PE [1999]

Three people spotted a spinning UFO hovering near Boa Viagem in Recife [1998]

People in 3 northeastern states in Brazil report the same UFO sighting [1996]

A bright light UFO was spotted in Carpina-PE [1996]

Internal military correspondence reporting of a UFO sighting in Recife-PE [1989]

Pilots reported engine failure and electrical breakdown as a UFO approached the aircraft [1978]

A FAB pilot reported a stationary strong light near Recife-PE [1978]

A UFO was spotted by a pilot and the Control Tower in Recife-PE [1978]