Rio de Janeiro

Three blinking lights in Rio de Janeiro spotted by a pilot after takeoff [2015]

Two pilots report a TCAS’ detection of a UFO [2015]

11 people witnessed a UFO making sudden moves on New Year’s Day [2015]

Pilot and co-pilot spotted a UFO on the way to Porto Alegre [2012]

An airline pilot sighted a high speed UFO 10.000ft above his aircraft near Una [2008]

Two big disc-shaped UFOs spotted over the south zone of Rio de Janeiro [2007]

Two oval shaped UFOs hovered over the city of Rio de Janeiro [2005]

Several white dots spotted leaving large red trails over Rio de Janeiro [2001]

A white light UFO at low speed was seen flying over an air base in Rio [2000]

Three triangular UFOs at high speed spotted by an airline crew [1999]*

People on a plane spotted a UFO between Varginha and São Tomé das Letras-MG [1998]

An airline crew reported a big blue UFO near Salvador-BA [1997]

A ret. military reported 2 sightings – one in 1997 and the other in the 1960’s when he was a cadet at AMAN [1997]

A large UFO followed a military aircraft near Maricá-RJ [1991]

In Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro, seven people observed two round multicolor UFOs over the sea [1991]

A UFO was detected by radar when it was above Luna and Piraí-RJ [1990]

Letter willing to comply with the request, made by Comdabra, to report UFOs in the brazilian airspace [1990]

“THE UFOs NIGHT IN BRAZIL” [1986] #7 – Time-line

UFO sightings in 4 different states on the same night [May 23, 1986]

Three aircrafts reported simultaneous UFO sightings in the State of São Paulo[1986]

A FAB plane carried out an evasive maneuver to avoid collision with a UFO in Rio de Janeiro [1980]

70 cases with summaries and sketches [1968 and 1969]

In Niterói-RJ, UFO sightings in the same spot where a fatal contact happened [1968]

Video : Explaining the “Barra da Tijuca Case” [1952], with Fernando Cleto.

Barra da Tijuca Case: Photographs [1952]