A Ufologist asked the Air Force for help and listed dozens of sightings in Araçatuba-SP [1997]

Interrelated with cases 452 and 456

Correspondence sent to COMDABRA [Brazilian Aerospace Defense Command] by Mr. J.L.Nery, Radio Broadcasting Technician and Ufologist from the city of Araçatuba, State of São Paulo.

“Araçatuba, February 2th, 1997.
Dear Sirs,

I am, through this document, reporting facts that we are witnessing. I kindly ask you to read all this material carefully; every comment here is absolutely true ..

I, JLNery, […] have a telecommunications office, provide services and projects for radio and television stations.

Here I make all my words true about what I will report. I am, through this document, informing that for approximately one year, I mean one year, we are witnessing several UFO appearances in our City and Region. I am a Ufologist and I have been researching these facts that have been challenging our knowledge and making people scared here in the city.

I am preparing a written document with all the details of each occurrence, but, incredible as it may seem, I can barely investigate one case and another one appears; each one more absurd than the other.

The people who have sought us to testify are suitable people with perfect emotional balance, all of whom are willing to testify and testify before any authority; I have all the addresses of witnesses in our files.

In total, the occurrences already exceed 30 cases in our city alone, apart from that of other neighboring cities.

I decided to anticipate this announcement because I am concerned about the apparitions we are seeing. They are becoming very frequent. In this week alone, last January, there were more than eight; each day in a different side of the city.

I have several research materials stored in databases, photos, films in VHS format.


– The ship descends in front of 8 people in Gusolândia.
– A ship flies over a farmer’s car in General Salgado.
– Cylindrical ship hovers over a fishing boat on the Tietê River.
– Five ships make evolutions in front of people in a camping.
– A ship appears in front of several people close to the football field.
– Low-altitude craft flies over the airport supply area.
– Translucent fuselage ship flies over buildings on Avenida Pompeu.
– A ship that releases spheres vertically in Birigui.
– Cylindrical ship with metallic tip and translucent rear fuselage seen from Avenida Pompeu de Toledo.
– Ship hovers over two occupants’ car near ETTI industries.
– A disc-shaped ship seen by several people on Avenida Pompeu.
– Three ships or probes descend less than 20 meters from the people who attended a recreational club in Avanhadava.
– Twenty-one ships strained in the sky of Araçatuba at night in front of our research team.
– A ship takes off from a forest in front of me and several people from our team near the Veterinary Faculty of Capus UNESP.
– A ship appears one night over Araçatuba and throws several spheres as if of fire over the city and they dissipated before reaching the ground.

Abduction of animals: six dogs and a cow thrown along a road between Araçatuba and Birigui. All the animals had the same wound and next to them the landing marks of the ship on the ground. In this case, I have the report of the veterinarian who performed a biopsy; as a witness, members of the Military Police who accompanied me together in the research. Abduction and death in the city of Birigui: several animals from a judge’s farm and their neighbors appeared dead without any cause. This judge came to me desperately to investigate this case, as the farm employee says that he saw “the Moon” walking around that night.

A probe of approximately one meter passes us by at a distance of 400 meters, close to the ground, and simply disappears. Our entire research team at that location saw the fact, including several police officers from the Highway Police saw it and came to us to find out about it. The location was close to TV Globo’s transmission tower, 500m from the highway police station. This occurred at 01:35 am.

All of these cases and more are recorded. I have testimonials from people, several recordings, photos, video images of the ship taking off, making progress on a forest, newspaper reports, as several cases of these were published on the front page of the city’s newspapers. In addition, I had support from the Military Police for research.

This testimony is being anticipated for reasons of concern. I am concerned about the latest appearances. In the end of 1996, on December 28, and also in the last week of January 1997, the same fact that occurs, the same as the previous cases. On December 28th I was called by my neighbor at approximately 9:30pm, and he said to me: look at the sky! And there was a fireball at a great altitude. She stood for several minutes without moving, as if it were ‘a photo’. Suddenly it went out. At that moment, there was only a dark gray shape in the sky and its round shape. Then it lit up again and started to move to various points of the city, until it disappeared, always taking the same direction in the diagonal direction at approximately 60 degrees of inclination, rising in the Southeast direction.

The other case of this year 1997, in the second week of January: my father and neighbors on the street would witness, around 9:00 pm, a fireball that was at a high altitude. This object came down very slowly and stayed over the city, hovering for approximately 20 minutes. Its color was an amber red; its brightness modulated; its light expanded like an explosion; it went out and lit again until it started to rise again and disappeared among the clouds.

The weather was rainy [with] just a few drizzles. And astonished by that they continued to look up and suddenly one person said: “he is coming back!”, The same object was coming down again and stopped at the same place as before. It was around 9:40 pm, approximately, [and] the TAM plane was arriving. When the fokker 100 jet passed over the city, another similar object appeared in the sky, just on the side of the airport, only white in color like a fluorescent lamp in a round shape.

This object, at the moment the TAM jet passed, came at high speed towards the first amber object that was already stopped, it came together […] remaining in a single object, but now white and, in around him, a small sphere that we call a red probe, revolved around itself and left at an astonishing speed, rising diagonally westwards. Due to the fact that the weather was rainy, precisely because of this, we were not prepared with our equipment to record this, which was a shame!

In the course of these events, we are keeping watch now even in the rain. On this last January 28th, I was at the research site, a high point in the city where you can see all horizons, as soon as I had the camera tripod installed – it was already around 8:30 pm – and the same object appeared in the sky, in the southwest direction of the city.

Immediately, as I had not yet assembled the research equipment, I threw the tripod into the trunk of the car and went out towards the saying whose, because I wanted to shoot right under it. A nephew of mine accompanied me in the car. The rest of our team had not yet arrived at the site, and when I approached it, the object went out; it simply disappeared from the sky. I went back to the research site. The whole team was already there, all anxious, because they also saw it, from other parts of the city, but they arrived too late.

The goal I have with this document is to ask you for help or to indicate a research institution.

I have all the recording materials, testimonies of several people, photos, etc. You can also send someone to consult us and see the legitimacy of the facts up close.
Please, I ask for help!

If you want, we are inviting you to participate in our surveys and see for yourself!
And here I alert the situation to you who are authorities in this matter, because it is about airspace. Several animals were killed, people scared. This that is out there in the sky releases spheres of fire that dissipate before reaching the ground. I know what this is! Please help us!

We need to talk in person. I have research plans. This could turn into Area 51, Roswell Case!

I am dodging the press that always asks me about what is happening and I always say that we are studying and soon we will make a statement, this is so that we do not make the population even more terrified. Only it is no longer possible to give excuses. This trouble is appearing over the city in front of people as if nothing else matters! They want to be seen!

[…] – [the sender provides a list with names of people with whom he kept in contact with sightings in the city.]

We need to get together and talk. I have more important matters to talk about, but I can’t reveal it here yet! Please call me immediately by phone in […] Araçatuba Urgently!
A password number is attached to this document. Every time we have to speak on the phone, I kindly ask you to state the number, just for the sake of confidentiality and security!

Please call me as soon as you read this document!
Thank you in advance for your attention.
Araçatuba, February 2, 1997. “

Cf. ARQUIVO NACIONAL (Brasil). Sistema de Informações do Arquivo Nacional (SIAN). Fundo ‘Objeto Voador Não Identificado (OVNI)’. Código de Referência BR DFANBSB ARX.0.0.474. “Questionário sobre a ocorrência de objeto voador não identificado avistado em Araçatuba, São Paulo”. Brasília, DF. 1952 a 2015. Último acesso realizado em 27/05/2020.



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