A night of UFO sightings, panic and misteries at Sítio do Gama-DF [1978]

Translation of 4 reports by a group of military men on duty at Sítio do Gama-DF, one of the main Flight Protection Departments [DPV-Telecommunication] in Brazil. The reports inform the unusual activity on June 20th, 1978 on the site, when an unidentified flying object was reported. 

“Sixth Regional Air Command – Information Section. Brasília-DF, on October 17, 1978. Occurrence Report. Classification: Confidential. Subject: UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects) Time: 20:30 hours. Location: Detection of Flight Protection, Detection and Telecommunications (DPV-DT / 61) – Sítio do Gama-DF. Description: On this day, a luminous object was observed flying over the Detachment, causing panic in those who were there.”

Following are statements by the military and civilians who observed the object:

Report of the Commander of the Guard at Sítio do Gama-DF, from 20 to 21 June 1978.

“The referred operation was carried out at Sítio, when at 20:30 a UFO appeared in activity near the THF with diffuse and variable luminosities, presenting various forms that accompanied the intensity of its luminosity, sometimes it seemed to be stopped. It could be noted that its speed was immense and that it changed course very easily and disappeared very quickly.

When the commander of the guard was asked, and arrived at the THF station, he noticed that the object seemed to take off without being able to see it more clearly due to the variability of lights it presented and flashed, as if they were aircraft navigation lights. Another thing is that there was no noise.

The main reason for the operation to be carried out with nine soldiers and all of them being eyewitnesses to the fact, is also that when the presence of the object was noticed, the THF Station was followed by a ‘rain’ of stones and the Sgt. that was at the Station noticed that there were strangers present without seeing them, and he tried to protect himself. When reinforcement arrived, the Sgt of the ‘Estação’ fired several shots, obtaining answers with stones.

The commander of the guard Sgt. F., together with some soldiers, made his way around the whole Site, without noticing any strange presence.

The fact was reported to the Air Defense, which did not notice anything on their radars, although the object passed in the vicinity of the LP-23.

DPV-DT 61 officers were also eyewitnesses to the fact, as were some of the guards who actively participated in the operation. F.L. 3S QDT MT / CMT GUARD /. “

Report of the 2nd Lieutenant ESP. MET. P.A.M.F

“At around 23:00 on June 20th, 1978, Lieutenant V. called my residence to inform me that something serious was going on at Sítio do Gama and that I had to get ready to go there with him, and armed. I prepared myself immediately and waited for him under the building, when then, after picking me up, we headed there.

There we arrived, we contacted Sgt F.L., Commander of the Guard who informed us about strange occurrences that had been happening since about 20:30, occurrences that were mainly stones that were thrown into the THF building, and an unidentified flying object that flew over the THF and the microwave at low altitude, in addition to whistles and an attempt to force the THF gate. Facts that were confirmed by the people already in the THF, mainly Sgt. O., SD. P. and the security guard S. who was also there.

Around 23:55, I looked in all directions of the sky, looking for possible objects never seen before, and I noticed that a more intense light, similar to a star, shone towards the antennas of the Microwave calling the attention of the others who were with me in the THF, including Lieutenants V. and C. Regarding this light we found that it increased in intensity, moved with a certain speed, and had an aspect of a great searchlight, similar to those in airplanes which are used for landings. My attention was drawn to the fact that there was no noise despite being in a silent enviroment; also the fact that such an object had an apparently irregular trajectory, that is, it first made a semi-circle and then took a straight trajectory, and then I noticed that there was a headlight in the front and another in the rear of the object, with a red light in the middle, a light that flashed.

When this object was disappearing, a second object appeared and disappeared more quickly than the first. I calculated the distance of the first object, in its closest proximity to Sítio do Gama, in about 5 km. The same object, when in profile for us, looked like a “cigar”, similar to airplanes. Brasília, 06/21/78. P.A.M.F. 1TEN ESP. MET./ “

Report of the 3S QAT O. J.M.P.

“Brasília, June 21st, 1978. When returning from dinner, I was warned by security guard S., that when I was at the ranch, he had heard a noise that he could not identify.  Upon entering the Station, I closed the fence gate. After about 20 minutes, I heard a noise, and I identified it as the door lock being opened, because it is a little dented, working very tightly, a fact that causes the noise when opening it. I waited to see if it was someone belonging to the DPV-T staff, what did not happen.

I turned off the lights of the Station and, together with the security guard S., I placed myself near the main door, and heard noises in the fence again. In order to hear better, I turned off the station’s main switch, and heard a whistle. Putting the facts together, I decided to order the Sgt of the Day, 3rd Sgt F.L. asking him to come to the place.

When he arrived on the scene, the 3rd Sgt F.L. together with 4 soldiers saw a luminous object in the vicinity, and below the height of the ISB Antenna for São Roque. As they approached, the object that was standing in the air began to move until it was out of sight. As a reinforcement at the Station, Mr. P., who listened together with me and the vigilante S., heard a noise that we identified as a stone thrown on the roof of the Station.

I called Lieutenant P. who authorized me to use a rifle and machine gun. There was no response to my shots. I went up to the roof of the Station with the security guard S. and looking up I could see shadows moving in the bush, around the Station. Corporal P. shot in the direction indicated by me and received a stone that hit the THF wall and almost fell on his head.

After the facts were reported, the Detachment Officers came and saw the object hovering in the air, and, soon after, it also disappeared. In time: the object had several lights which I was not able to tell the shape. / 3S QAT O. J.M.P /. “

Report by the Head of the Security Section of Sítio do Gama-DF

“I was warned at about 22:30 by Sgt. O., that was on duty at the THF Station on June 20, 1978, of the presence of an object that later I could not identify due to its elongated shape, its strong light, light that radiated to all sides, at a low height, close to the Station, with constant and sparse appearances.

He also informed that everyone was inside the Detachment almost panicked by the appearance of the object. I determined that all posts had to be reinforced by the Sergeant of the Day, with the people that were inside the Department, also to maintain telephone contacts between the service posts for the security control of the internal area, as well as contact with the Air Defense to verify on your radars the previously recommended targets.

After such measures, I was also warned that probably the sentinels at the post had seen suspicious movements in the vicinity and stone throws on the Station. As there is no lighting in the place that allows the presence of foreign elements to be clearly detected. I ordered the execution of HK33 automatic rifle shots into the air, so that these camouflaged targets could make themselves seen, which was done without success, allowing us to conclude that, if they existed, they were not inside the Detachment.

After all the telephone contacts, I went to the Department by my own means, in order to obtain a better study of the situation.

Along with the other officers, I could see the luminous object appearing in the firmament and [the object] approaching with enormous speed for an aircraft within the system’s airspace. It presented itself as a star of clear and strong light that radiated in all directions with movements determined by a straight line and soon afterwards a break of direction and a change of color in its light, for the most diverse shades.

Contacts were made with the Control Tower to check flights in the area, but only one aircraft had landed at the airport at the time of the event.

Analysing the situation, I ordered the posts to remain on alert until this command find it is convenient. / Head of Security Section / “

Cf. ARQUIVO NACIONAL (Brasil). Sistema de Informações do Arquivo Nacional (SIAN). Fundo ‘Objeto Voador Não Identificado (OVNI)’. Código de Referência BR DFANBSB ARX.0.0.187. “Relatório de ocorrência de objeto voador não identificado sobre o destacamento de proteção, deteção e telecomunicações, localizado no Sítio do Gama, Distrito Federal”. Brasília, DF. 1952 a 2015. Último acesso realizado em 27/05/2020.


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