Three aircrafts reported UFO sightings near Campinas-SP, Bauru-SP and São Paulo-SP [1978]

December 6th, 1978. Time: 07:05Z. Duration: 26 minutes.
Transcription of the communication recorded on the 127.5 MHz frequency of the ACC [Approach Control Center of Brasília], SBBR [Airport of Brasília-DF] and the aircrafts SBD, SBA and SBJ, regarding UFO sightings, on December 6th, 1978. 
    [07:05Z]SBD: Brasília, Marilia S.B.D.
  • ACC: S.B.D. Brasilia.
  • SBD: It is freeing the São Paulo terminal, level 060, estimated through the BUTA position at 18 uno eight, S.B.D., with a “STAND-BY” transponder.
  • ACC: Aware, fire 4100 four thousand one hundred Delta.
  • SBD: Confirm the code?
  • ACC: Four one zero zero.
  • SBD: Aware.
  • SBA: Brasília, S.B.A.
  • [07:07Z] ACC: S.B.A. Brasília.
  • SBA: Pirassununga crossbars zero seven keeping half zero, Ribeirão Preto at two four
    ACC: Aware S.B.A, keep the half zero, report when in contact with the Company, Alfa.
  • SBA: Bravo Alfa.
  • [07:09Z] SBD: Brasilia, the Bravo Delta.
  • ACC: Bravo Delta, proceed.
  • SBD: Do you already have Delta identification on the radar?
  • ACC: Until the negative moment, activate identification.
  • SBD: Affirmative; confirm that you are aware of any traffic on that higher level radial.
  • ACC: Positive; we have Sierra Bravo Juliete and he is at level eighty, but he has not yet contacted the Center.
  • SBD: Positive.
  • [07:10Z] SBJ: Brasília Center, TAM Sierra Bravo Juliete.
  • ACC: S.B.J, Brasília.
  • SBJ: At the moment freeing the São Paulo terminal uno uno, at level zero eight zero, transponder “STAND-BY”, informs Brasília that there is an unidentified object on our right, I believe that … the … since we took off from Campinas that is following us was on our left, at the moment on the right, I don’t know if Brasília is aware of this traffic.
  • ACC: Sierra Bravo Juliete, for your information we received information from the Tower of São Paulo … of Campinas, of having seen an unidentified, positive luminous object? We will request that … if possible, all the performance if possible, of this luminous object, and will we make a positive VIDEO recording? We are not detecting anything on the radar.
  • SBJ: It increases the cloudiness, it decreases …, it is now … we are seeing, it is well … the brightness is very strong; increases and decreases, on our right.
  • ACC: Positive, S.B.J. for your information, we have had … throughout our existence here at DACTA we have had several observations various information from these unidentified objects; however, for your safety and tranquility, we have not heard that these objects, or anything else, have interfered with navigation. Should you continue your navigation naturally, informing any eventuality, positive?
  • SBJ: Affirmative. We only inform for … we only communicate Brasilia, to be aware of that object there.
  • ACC: Positive; Brasilia thanks you for your information, Juliete and we are … is being watched by the radar now, any information, any echo that we check in your vicinity will we inform you, positive?
  • SBJ: Affirmative, we have activated the transponder code and we will inform you that we are estimating the entrance to the Bauru terminal at two five and Bauru at three three.
  • ACC: Aware, Bravo Juliete, Brasília thanks you.
  • [07:13Z] SBD: Juliete, Company frequency.
  • [07:16Z] ACC: S.B.J. Brasilia coming back.
  • SBJ: Proceed BrasTlia, B.Juliete in listening.
  • ACC: Aware of Juliete … confirm that you are still seeing the brightness?
  • SBJ: Affirmative, it’s on our right.
  • ACC: Aware, and confirm away … could you need how many miles?
  • [07:17Z] SBJ: […………….] Brasilia, S.B.A. in QSO with Ribeirão Preto, to start the descent.
  • ACC: Positive, your descent is free, remaining in contact with the company, Bravo Alfa.
  • SBJ: Brasília, S.B.J. coming back, in addition to the luminosity, there is traffic at the three-hours position, more or less, passing at the moment below the … of … that luminosity.
  • ACC: Negative. We have no traffic in this sector, the only traffic is S.B.D. in the twelve-hours position, already 23 miles approximately, at level 060, positive? Your only essential traffic.
  • SBJ: A … you could even identify the much weaker luminosity, it looked like a reaction aircraft. And above that is that luminosity.
  • ACC: Aware; Bravo Juliete. Brasília asks, as soon as the object moves away, to inform us more or less your positive direction? We are asking because it is being recorded for future reference; positive Bravo Juliete.
  • [07:19Z] SBJ: Okay. Juliete is aware.
  • SBD: Brasília, Delta.
  • ACC: Delta proceed.
  • SBD: Bravo Delta is passing through BUTA beams to start the descent.
  • ACC: Aware, calling in 126.7 radio Bauru, positive?
  • SBD: Affirmative. For your information only, this object has the ability to accelerate and decelerate in a matter of a few seconds.
  • [07:20Z] ACC: Affirmative. Brasília has already had the opportunity to even check these targets on the radar screen. They provide the feedback from our radar transmission and we verify that they do not have that possibility of glissing when turning and … they break the inertia almost instantly ok? Brasília is aware and grateful for your information, Delta; and we would request if possible to report the fact; positive?
  • SBD: Addressed to whom?
  • ACC: I could address Centro Brasília, CISDACTA, positive.
  • [07:21Z] SBD: Affirmative, we will do so, thank you.
  • ACC: Aware, the message also for Bravo Juliete.
  • [07:22Z] SBJ: Brasília, Juliete returning this luminosity is at the moment on our right, accompanying us a little above our level.
  • ACC: Aware, Bravo Juliete, confirm if the other light below is still there?
  • SBJ: Negative, it passed … we thought it was a reaction aircraft, because it crossed our bow towards the right, it was not so bright, but the speed was the reaction aircraft.
  • ACC: Ciente S.B.J. we ask to check if the brightness increases with speed, positive?
  • SBJ: You can’t identify the speed because it increases and decreases the brightness, I don’t know if in relation to the speed or the brightness that decreases, we are following it. It’s right on our right.
  • [07:24Z] ACC: Positive S.B.J. Brasilia thanks you. Brasilia listening for further information; positive?
  • SBJ: Affirmative. Juliete requests a descent start. Aware … freeing level 80 without restrictions, calling Bauru radio at 126.7.
  • SBJ: Bravo Juliete aware.
  • [07:28Z] SBJ: Brasília, Bravo Juliete.
  • SBJ: Brasília Center, Sierra Bravo Juliete.
  • ACC: Proceed Juliete.
  • ACC: Bravo Juliete, Brasília.
  • SBJ: That luminosity that was behind us, to our right, at the moment we are not seeing anymore, now … it appeared in front of us, to the right, increasing and decreasing the luminosity as well.
  • ACC: Positive Bravo Juliete, for your information we consulted the Bauru tower, did they really observe a somewhat strange luminosity, on the wing, positive?
  • SBJ: Affirmative, it is even now on our right, accompanying us, it increases and decreases the intensity …. it is … it is not a layer, it is nothing we see that it increases and decreases the intensity.
  • [07:30Z] ACC: Positive …we start to receive an echo … return now, in position … say four hours, twenty miles; positive?
  • SBJ: 061 minus at our two o’clock position.
  • ACC: Negative we are not seeing anything; do we just see an echo return here at approximately four o’clock, twenty miles positive? To your right, two-hours, one-hour, or even the twelve-hours, we see nothing; positive?
  • SBJ: Affirmative. This four-hours position is the luminosity that was accompanying us and that has disappeared; now this one appeared on our right, with the same light intensity, but it is in front of us.
  • ACC: Positive,
  • S.B.J. Brasília appreciates your information. Juliet.
  • [07:30Z] SBJ: Juliete.
  • [07:31Z] SBJ: Brasília, Bravo Juliete coming back.
  • ACC: Proceed Juliete.
  • SBJ: It is very close to our aircraft.
  • ACC: Confirm, the message has been cut off.

Cf. ARQUIVO NACIONAL (Brasil). Sistema de Informações do Arquivo Nacional (SIAN). Fundo ‘Objeto Voador Não Identificado (OVNI)’. Código de Referência BR DFANBSB ARX.0.0.186. “Transcrição de gravação de conversa entre aeronaves sobre objeto voador não identificado no dia 6 de dezembro de 1978 avistado especialmente na região de Campinas, Bauru e São Paulo”. Brasília, DF. 1952 a 2015. Último acesso realizado em 27/05/2020.


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