70 cases with summaries and sketches [1968 and 1969]

“Unidentified Aerial Objects: statistics, SIOANI bulletin #1”

“Research on Reported Phenomena”

Reference code: BR DFANBSB ARX.0.0.59

001 002 e 003

CI-001 and 002. Item “8 – synthesis: Very intense light source, yellow light, whose vision made the eyes water. The UFO had a dome with a row of blue lights around it; at the bottom there was another dark dome and in the middle a circular platform.” [More information from ARX.0.0.8 – This was the second observation made by the witness. The next day he did not connect this fact to the previous one. As he made the rounds, he noticed a small light in the direction of the field. He went there (the field is at the top of the hill) and saw the UFO. The beam of light in the middle of the UFO did not illuminate around, where there were trees.”]“.

CI-003. Item “8 – synthesis: Upside-down bowl-shaped object. Aluminum color.”


04 e 05

CI-004. Item “8 – synthesis: quite large object; hat shape; the bottom had a circular platform; there was a door through which 3 human-like crew members entered; normal clothes; The object would have been physically immobilized by the three, before taking the vehicle; on the outside the object looked like a metallic light blue; through the door you could see a yellow light inside” [More information from ARX.0.0.18 – One of the crew members had already been seen once, in the same outfit – yellow pants and T-shirt. There was oral contact, and the witness asked this person move away from the site – wire fence – 100 meters away from the power plant. Response from the person: “I am waiting for companions who went hunting …; two days later, the same individual, now wearing a yellow blouse and clear pants, was observed in the same position (ravine); the witness went to the Central, observed another individual in dark clothing, by a window, and thought he was on his back, but in fact he was facing him, with his face partially covered – just his eyes out. With a piece of conduit already in his hand, he tried two strikes, without hitting the individual, who, aided by another, who came from inside the central – passing through the window – helped the first to dominate the witness. Now dominated, he was suspended and released, several times, to fall to the ground, abandoned by the two; he received a slap on the back from the individual in the yellow shirt, followed by the following words: “go away, you tramp, that we will return when this work is over. The witness ran in the opposite direction to the 3 crew members; when he saw that the 3 crew members completed the closing of the UFO door (only at this moment did he observe the presence of the UFO), followed by a noise similar to the frying noise, initiating the movement of the UFO.”]

CI-005. Item “8 – synthesis: Globe-shaped object; it had many apparently metallic streaks; it was surrounded in its central part, by a circular platform; it did a “snoring” sound coordinated with lateral movements and moved not quickly, in a straight path until it disappeared.” [More information from ARX.0.0.16 -The witness got up. He went to take care of the pet bird. His wife was preparing breakfast when she went out to the laundry room in an open area and heard a snore. She looked at the sky, but saw nothing. He looked for a better position and saw the UFO, noting that it was different from an airplane. She called her husband and got in. Her husband saw the UFO and shivered. Still, he continued to watch it calmly. The UFO was distant, moving fast; it had a continuous west-east movement, oscillating laterally, and followed by a snore when the inclination increased. The UFO was observed until it disappeared.”]


06 e 07

CI-006. Item “8 – synthesis: Small hat-shaped object; with rounded dome and a circular platform at the bottom. The witness  said she had contact with a female crew member who, when presenting her an empty bottle, indicating, perhaps, that she wanted water; she spoke a very strange language; the witness only noticed the object when the crew member went towards it. The witness would have heard a noise similar to tires braking on gravel; the object lit up all over, cleared the courtyard and went upwards amazingly.” [More information from ARX.0.0.19 –The witness was asleep when she heard a car brake on the gravel. She looked out the window and saw a woman at the Sanatorium door. She tried communication and got no response. The witness then went to the woman and she presented her with an empty bottle. She correctly guessed that the woman wanted water and went with her to the water cooler, always trying to talk to the woman who answered nothing. After the bottle filled with water, the woman held out a small mug that was filled and the water was drunk. Both returned to the exit door. The woman said goodbye to the witness saying, “Umbaura” three times. After that, the woman went to the UFO (and here Mrs. Maria was astonished) and it took off with great light. Mrs. Maria was very scared. After a few hours, Army officers and the Director of the Sanatorium observed footprints at the entrance to the Sanatorium.”]“.

CI-007. Item “8 – synthesis: Light source with the shape of a windshield; internally dark; on the periphery there was a very red strip of light. After a few minutes, it went out. It was seen from a distance”. [More information from ARX.0.0.20 -When leaving the house with a friend, around 23:00, the witness looked at the clock of the Church of Santa Terezinha and observed a UFO, as if it were on top of the Church. It had a rectangular shape, dark color in the center and luminous edges like opaque red. The UFO was stopped and then started to move and then back again, stopping at the previous position at the beginning of the displacement. Then it went up vertically with incredible speed.”]”.


08 e 09


CI-008. Item “8 – Object about 30 meters in diameter; upper white dome and lower red dome; a circular moving platform in the middle; it was landed on the ground, supported by a telescope tripod; small ladder coming out of the lower dome; the witness would have received a paralyzing light; he saw the upper dome (which was open) close, the tripod and the ladder retract (after hearing noise from a nearby sawmill). UFO noise: intermittent metallic sound; he doesn’t know where the “flash” that paralyzed him would have come from.” [More information from ARX.0.0.21 -After lunch, the witness was playing with two friends when he saw the UFO. Friends ran, and the reporting witness received a beam of light from the upper dome and was paralyzed without losing consciousness. The dome opened halfway. The device was resting on a tripod and had a ladder beside it. Then the stairs retracted – with a blind. The tripods retracted without changing the position of the device. The UFO then went up to 3 or 4 meters more or less. Beside a tree he bent a little, dodging it. At that point the platform started to turn counterclockwise. He climbed higher and then started to move. The boy then ran. He had forgotten that he had already been filthy and had even forgotten the names of his colleagues, etc.”]

CI-009. Item “8 – Object similar to a Karman-Ghia; transparent top, with a crew member triggering something; metallic bottom; on an elliptical platform there were three crew members: one harvesting land, another observing a tractor (which was next to the UFO) and the third pointing a device that launched a paralyzing light on the witness; human-like crew; long toga-like clothes; after the crew entered, the UFO quickly left tangent to the ground. ” [More information from ARX.0.0.14 -The witness was going to work, when he came near the tractor to examine the differential oil, and noticed the UFO, on the other side between the tractor and a ravine. The UFO looked like a Karmann-Ghia, with a crew member inside who was sitting in the right back seat, hitting a small white keyboard – like a piano – and that device was the size of a portable radio. The witness observed 3 other crewmen squatting on the platform. The UFO was about 25 meters from the ground. One member of the crew was observing the tractor; the other harvesting earth with a small white bowl – like plaster – in the shape of a shell; the third was watching the two companions. When the crew saw the witness, the 3 stood up and the third took an instrument from his sleeve and held it with his right hand (it appeared to be light and golden in color, in the shape of an electric drill) and pointed it at the witness who was then paralyzed by the flashes.”]“.


10 11 e 12

CI-010. Item “8 – Circulating light source. Great speed; elliptical path; Red color.”[More information from ARX.0.0.15 – From the balcony of the Industrial School, along with about 8 people, the reporting witness saw a small red light that moved spinning from right to left. It was the size of a full moon. Then the light increased in size, to 1 meter in diameter. The object was oval in shape; without reflecting light. Around it another one appeared and they circulated from right to left. They were above the lights of CIBRAL. Everyone saw this phenomenon.”]

CI-011. Item “8 – Light source, moving with high speed; elliptical trajectory; red color changing to bluish green.”

CI-012. Item “8 – Light sources, moving; one of them would have followed the witness’s car”. [More information from ARX.0.0.23 – He witnessed 4 times: 1st) on October 3, 1968; 2nd) October 4, 1968; 3rd) October 5th, 1968; 4th) October 12th, 1968. On the first and second times: the witness sighted the UFO from a distance. The third time the sighting took place between Sabina and Guarapiranga together with their family. In the fourth sighting, after mass at night, he called his wife to see it too. The object partially extinguished the light. The witness saw the UFO following him when he found other people who also observed the phenomenon. He stopped the car. His wife suffered a strong emotion.”]”


13 14 e 15

CI-013. Item “8 – UFO all iridescent; globe surrounded by a circular platform; there seemed to be crewmen inside, then everything went out and nothing else was seen.[More information from ARX.0.0.27 – The witness was lying, sleepless, when he got up to go to the bathroom; it was 00:00h; he sat on the bed by the window, put his feet on the chair and then saw a lighthouse, intense, clear, yellowish, pointed at his window and illuminating the façade of the sanatorium; then the object lit a lamp just like ours, inside the globe that was lit internally; hence the witness observed bright and colorful reflections – red, green – in the glasses of the globe. The witness was a little stunned, frightened. The sighting lasted about 5 minutes. Then the globe went out and then the lighthouse. He heard no noise.”]”

CI-014 and CI-015 . Item “8 – Greenish matte UFO, Karmann-Ghia shape; it was hovering above a transformer of the city, which was dark. The UFO moved away, skyrocketing, and the city lights came on again.”


16 e 17

CI-016. Item “8 – UFO with large aluminized and circular platform; orange upper dome; iridescent inferior dome.”

CI-017. Item “8 – Opaque metallic color, quite large; top like a globe; the bottom was a circular platform. “


18 19 e 20

CI-018. Item “8 – Opaque metallic color UFO; about 30 meters in diameter; dome above the circular platform.”

CI-019. Item “8 – A big luminous source; orange color.[More information from ARX.0.0.27 -The witness saw a large circular light the size of 2 orange soccer balls.”]”

CI-020. Item “8 – Orange luminous sources moving at great speed over the farm.”

21 e 22

CI-021. Item “8 – Karmann-Ghia shape UFO; transparent top; metallic bottom. Great speed. “

CI-022. Item “8 – UFO with elliptical shape; light gray color; appearing to have reinforcements in its structure.”


23 e 24

CI-023. Item “8 – UFO with large circular platform separating two domes; a row of windshields (with iridescent lights) on the upper dome; a jet of opaque yellow light came out of the lower dome. “

CI-024. Item “8 – UFO supported on the ground by a large stick; at half height it had a large cabin, similar to a boat (notably at the bottom – hull); above there was a large circular structure. “


25 e 26

CI-025. Item “8 – UFO similar to two plates, joined by the openings; metallic color, large beam of red light at the bottom; the object rose sharply with the approach of the witness; when going up, the farm’s electrical circuit was interrupted, burning the fuse.[More information from ARX 0.0.035 – The witness was on the porch of his farmhouse with his wife and 2 employees. Two boys were going up to the farm. A boy named Lindomar saw a light on the ground, caught the attention of the others and everyone saw that the light went out and turned on seconds later, moving towards the house, when it went out again. The people spread out to better look for Lindomar, and they saw him, and he shouted. The UFO started the go up by turning on a bright red light. Then the lights on the farm and the colony went out, which are of the same line, but with different fuses. The circuit breakers snapped and Lindomar ran inside the house.”]”

CI-026. Item “8 – UFO with an elliptical format; two luminous parts at the ends – one was light yellow and the other one red; there appeared to be openings in the central body. It was observed with binocular D.F. Vasconcelos 4×30.”


27 e 28

CI-027. Item “8 – UFO with strong orange light and four more red headlights. “

CI-028. Item “8 –  Small UFO with prominent dome, circular platform, all with aluminized color; in the dome, a small opening through which two crewmen would have levitated, and totally protected from our atmosphere; the crew members were short, with 1.40m, strong bodies, similar to humans and different eyes; two other beings would have remained inside. They would have tried to communicate with the witness; the crew had a very deep and raucous voice. [More information from ARX.0.0.33 – Small circular ship in the shape of a plate, a bit spherical, with an upper dome and small protrusion at the bottom; resting and supported by 3 feet, leg, rod; silver color; a small exit hatch and a panoramic viewfinder made of transparent matter. Another crew member totally protected from our atmosphere. The witness claimed to have received a paralyzing light.”]”


29 e 30

CI-029. Item “8 – Large iridescent UFO observed with an optical instrument – theodolite; it had two domes (upper and lower); in the middle part of the upper dome there was a row of rectangular windows “

CI-030. Item “8 – Blue light sources moving with great speed. There were color changes: silver and orange. The phenomenon would have lasted about 20 minutes and occurred in a neighborhood in the city. “


31 e 32

CI-031. Item “8 – Karmann-Ghia car shaped UFO; it appeared to be opaque and reddish; it had a stronger yellow stripe in the middle. The bottom of the object was grayish. [More information from ARX.0.0.32 – Oval UFO, the size of a Karmann-Ghia car, hexagonal underneath and bulging above; discreetly transparent, but its interior cannot be seen; it looked like frosted glass; ahead there was something like an engine; gray color underneath.”]”

CI-032. Item “8 – UFO similar to two plates, joined by the openings; in the middle of it there was a circular platform; two luminous antennas illuminated the entire UFO. The lower and upper domes had the same dimensions. [More information from ARX.0.0.30 – Disco format; as two points joined by the base. Two illuminated antennas – variable brightness. Matte metallic luster, brightened by the light from the antennas.”]”


33 e 34

CI-033. Item “8 – Streaked UFO, moving rapidly from East to West; it seemed to oscillate laterally. “

CI-034. Item “8 – Carousel-like UFO; large object landed on a pasture, close to animals (cattle and horses); three crew members in white overalls: the first with something that looked like binoculars; the second with a flashlight of great luminous intensity; and the third with a kind of cartridge; The object descended smoothly and moved away, after a few minutes, with great speed; at the top there was a red light source. The crew members wore a kind of helmet and their faces were uncovered; their faces were similar to the human faces; they wore very white overalls. “


35 e 36

CI-035. Item “8 – UFO similar to a zeppelin; large circular platform, and at the bottom a series of square, white windshields; the rest of the structure was lead gray

CI-036. Item “8 – UFO with an upper dome, large circular platform and luminous antennas around the platform. It was closely observed by several people. [More information from ARX.0.0.29 – The witness was watching a TV show at 8 pm when he was called by his daughter who was sighting a UFO. He arrived at the living room window, and then they saw an object at a distance of approximately 50 meters and 15 meters high, above a tree. It was the size of a car, and it was bright blue. He could see several light antennas. There was no noise. The witness did not see if there were any doors or other openings and did not see occupants. The object remained like this for about 5 minutes and when the witness and other people went towards the UFO, jumping out the window, the object moved away about 400 meters and landed on the ground. People were prevented from approaching it due to a large elevation in the terrain there, but they got near it about 50 meters. The witness did not approach it because the object was moving further and further away. No marks were observed on the ground, due to the rains the next day.”]”


37 e 38

CI-037. Item “8 – A large light source with the shape of two plates facing each other; Orange color. No type of noise; the witness claimed to have launched flashes of light with a battery flashlight; and the UFO has moved away. [More information from ARX 0.0.034 -Red / orange light, with great luminous intensity; over a sugar cane and cotton plantation; a boy emitted flasks with a flashlight in the direction of the UFO. The object moved away and came back on a eucalyptus. No fuss.”]”

CI-038. Item “8 – Several light sources with the size of soccer balls and 200 meters away; orange colors; they seemed to be playing on the horizon; there was a hill in the background, showing a dark contrast. “


39 e 40

CI-039. Item “8 – Intense light source of orange color, flying over the city. Reported by several people. “

CI-040. Item “8 – Carousel-like UFO; white color; three short crewmen outside; The witness claimed to have received a jet of light that paralyzed him; he said he was transported to an unknown location, where people are similar to humans, with only a rather raucous voice and short words; he also informed that there was an audiovisual communication attempt. Many other details were added in the narration by the witness.”


41 e 42

CI-041. Item “8 – Silver light source; great height; fast and well-defined movements; sudden stops. [More information from ARX 0.0.042 – Seen with the naked eye, the UFO was at great height. It looked like a day star, more or less the size of a planet, well rounded; silver color; reflected the sunl ight; slow, but very noticeable movement, disappeared among the clouds. There was no noise and its color was silver.”]”

CI-042. Item “8 – Light source: two flaming tails with a green central globe; with the tails unlit, the globe became brown and descended towards the ground. The object was seen from an airplane.[More information from ARX 0.0.043 – Two tails of fire and a metallic green ball in front. After the tails disappeared, the ball took the direction of the ground at a very high speed, changing its color to brown]”


43 44 e 45

CI-043. Item “8 – Round UFO with a central pole; at the top it was transparent, and at the bottom (half-moon shaped) opaque; the crew member was totally protected by his clothes; light source at the bottom.”

CI-044. Item “8 – UFO emitting a strong yellow light; a colored dome on a circular platform; a small antenna finished in a yellow light source. The object moved away without making noise. [More information from ARX 0.0.044 – At 5:05 in the morning the witness went to work in his truck, from Itaguá to Santa Cruz, when he observed a strong light, close to the ground, 1 km away from the road; he stopped the truck and together with his brother he saw the UFO hovering 3 meters from the ground. He observed the object for 2 minutes watching it afterwards moving towards the sky quickly and extinguishing at about 15 meters high; it made no noise.”]”

CI-045. Item “8 – Reddish light source; he moved at great altitude and with a high speed. It was seen by several people. [More information from ARX 0.0.045 – First observation: the witness saw a UFO pass by at 20:00 from the door of the store; she estimated about 3,000 meters; at high speed and without noise, keeping straight until disappearing from view; she thought it was solid and emitted a red glow, in a West-East direction. Second Observation: She saw a UFO pass by at 4:30 am, calling the whole family, who was going to travel – 15 people – to see. Also noiseless, however, lower – about 900 meters. Everyone followed the UFO until it disappeared. It was orange in color and its direction was North-South.”]”


46 e 47

CI-046. Item “8 – Round orange UFO; it made a wheezing noise and moved at great speed. Rotating movement on its own axis “. [More information from ARX 0.0.046 – The witness was at the door of the police station at 10:15 pm and saw a UFO moving over the Boa Vista hill, on high-voltage towers, 200 meters high; disappeared quickly. The UFO spun without a sound except for a squeak. Color: orange and lightness was strong.”]”

CI-047. Item “8 – Initial light source – orange. Then, appearing closer, a round object with a metallic sparkling color. Without making a sound, it went off upwards. [More information from ARX 0.0.047 – The witness was in the square, along with a friend, when they saw a strong orange light. The object had a sparkling metallic color and the size of a car wheel, appearing on top of the mountain, rising rapidly to the sky without any noise. She said that the light intensity was very strong and the speed was very high.”]”


48 e 49

CI-048. Item “8 – Intense luminous source, initially stationary in the sky; then it went up with great speed, decreasing in size until it disappeared. [More information from ARX 0.0.048 – The observer was called by a fellow detective to observe the UFO; it was a luminous object and together they observed it for approximately 45 minutes, seeing it standing still and then slowly disappearing as it ascended vertically. They calculated that it went up vertically because the size was decreasing.”]”

CI-049. Item “8 – UFO seen from a great distance. Central red globe connecting two types of silver platforms “.


050 e 051

CI-050. Item “8 – Light source resembling a windshield divided into rectangular parts. Quite big considering the observation distance. [More information from ARX 0.0.049 – The witness, when he went to bed, passing by the balcony, saw a light on the hill. He called his wife and they both watched for about 40 minutes with a binocular.”]”

CI-051. Item “8 – Light source: white circle emitting six flares of red light; disappeared at great speed, after standing still in the sky for a few minutes. “


052 e 053

CI-052. Item “8 – Circular light source; in the center it was orange and at the edges it was red. [More information from ARX 0.0.050 – Spherical shape UFO, having 2 colors; its interior was orange and the exterior red; full moon shape.”]”

CI-053. Item “8 – Circular light source: central yellow part; red edges. The object was full of red lights on the edges, very bright. [More information from ARX 0.0.052 – Luminous sphere, with flashing lights. He was seen by that person when he was going to inspect the construction of a residence.”]”


54, 55 e 56

CI-054. Item “8 – UFO shaped like a clothes iron, all nickel plated; at the bottom it was similar to the hull of a boat. At the top, one of the halves rotated making a hive-like hissing noise. [More information from ARX 0.0.052 – The object looked like a clog; something ahead was guiding; arrived low and with low speed; stopped over the woods, after taking a quick fall to almost the ground.”]”

CI-055. Item “8 – Hat-shaped UFO. The bottom was circular (platform); and the bottom part had two floors of rows of windshields “.

CI-056. Item “8 – Elliptical shaped UFO, with bright light yellow color.”


057 e 058

CI-057. Item “8 – Luminous phenomenon: flaming balls, fire color; sometimes it went out externally, seeming to remain illuminated inside. [More information from ARX 0.0.054 – The witness went to his yard to turn off a tap. The yard was dark and so was the neighborhood. He saw a darkening fireball, with lights inside. The object was moving with great speed. It disappeared with great speed to the side of Icém. Other people have observed the phenomenon.”

CI-058. Item “8 – Elliptical shape UFO; it varied with its white, orange color etc; It had two light sources at the ends: one red and one blue. The object emitted beams of white light at the bottom. [More information from ARX 0.0.055 – “He usually sits in the area of ​​his residence. This is the fourth time he has seen the UFO, the last time he tried to keep in contact with a flashlight until his son forbade him to do this. The object was bright orange; the witness called the neighbors and they all saw it. It had a red and a blue headlight, but they were not prominent. The object had pulsations and sometimes appeared more white.”]”


059 e 060

CI-059. Item “8 – Circular shaped UFO; silver top, with a light source at the top. lower part in the form of a reddish waning quadrant moon. [More information from ARX 0.0.056 – “She was at home with her husband when she saw it for the first time]”. [More information from ARX.0.0.12 – Very bright gold-colored UFO, looking like a bowl; oval shape; bright yellow.”]”.

CI-060. Item “8 – Light source making an elliptical trajectory; the object had a larger vertical diameter; it seemed to have a lateral protrusion. It had a great speed when moving.”


061 e 062 bom_Fotor.jpg

CI-061. Item “8 – UFO following high-voltage lines; in its upper part there was a globe full of small windshields; at the bottom, a circular moving platform; on the globe, three very intense red lights; the object made a noise similar to a combustion engine working slow. [More information from ARX 0.0.057 – “The object was coming over the high voltage line and when it reached the substation it hovered about 50 meters from the ground for 3 minutes. Then it continued on the high voltage line in the direction of Belo Horizonte”]”

CI-062. Item “8 – Orange light source; elliptical shape; violent shifts in changes of direction; it was over the sea, almost at water level. “


063 e 064 bom_Fotor.jpg

CI-063. Item “8 – UFO with a circular platform, and at the top a globe showing a row of windshields; a light source at the top. The object ascended obliquely, making its trajectory in 45 degrees until it disappeared. “

CI-064. Item “8 – The observer looked at the sky and saw an object stopping quickly and making a turn (that’s when he saw the top). It was very fast. “



CI-065. Item “8 – A light at a great height; followed a vehicle; the luminous intensity was very great, not allowing confusion with any type of celestial body. “


066 e 067

CI-066. Item “8 – It looked like a satellite: a bluish core, emitting white light in broad and fast movements.”

CI-067. Item “8 – Intense light, unmistakable with other celestial bodies.”


068 e 069

CI-068. Item “8 – Intense light, unmistakable with other celestial bodies.”

CI-069. Item “8 – Initially it was like a star; then it came approaching up to about 200 meters: it then looked like a large aluminized basin.”



CI-070. Item “8 – Luminous object; stopped at the vertical of a house and started to descend, staying at about 800 meters high; the green central part had blue edges; it was shaped like a basin; on reaching the ground, on the second descent, it went out completely. After 15 minutes, a red light the size of flashlight lights started to move on the spot (500 meters away from the witness), as if looking for something on the floor.”

Cf. ARQUIVO NACIONAL (Brasil). Sistema de Informações do Arquivo Nacional (SIAN). Fundo ‘Objeto Voador Não Identificado (OVNI)’. Código de Referência BR DFANBSB ARX.0.0.59. “Objetos Aéreos Não Identificados: estatísticas, boletim SIOANI”. Brasília, DF. 1952 a 2015. Último acesso realizado em 27/05/2020.


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