A UFO spotted near Curitiba – communication with ACC transcribed [2003]

ARX.0.0.637 and ARX.0.0.638 files referring to the case of “Unidentified flying object sighting in the airspace of Curitiba, Paraná

* Case with transcriptions of the communication between the pilot and the Control Tower.

AUG 7th, 2003. Time: 19h22pm. Duration: 30 minutes. The pilot and co-pilot of flight VLO 9063 [Varig Log] reported the sighting of an unidentified flying object of white and red colors, flying in parallel, and at the same speed as, the VLO9063 aircraft at an altitude of 33,000ft. The witnesses reported that the visibility conditions were good and that the UFO was moving in the Southwest / Northeast direction without leaving any trails or condensation trails. A transcription with the communication between the pilot and the Control Tower is reproduced below:


Translation of: BR DFANBSB ARX.0.0.638 – transcription of dialogue about sighting of an unidentified flying object in the air space of curitiba, paraná.


22h24m45s VLO9063 – Curitiba good evening, it’s the Varig Log Nine-Zero-Six-Three crossing the – one hundred and twenty rising to the three-three-zero.

ACC-CW – Varig Nove … Varig Log Nine-Zero-Six-Three good evening, Centro Curitiba, activate identification, go up and maintain level three-three-zero, radar surveillance, heading Petry.

22h25m08s VLO9063 – Positive, identified, three-three-zero, direct present Petry the Nine-Zero-Six-Three.

22h27m25s ACC-CW – Varig Log Nine-Zero-Six-Three Center.

VLO9063 – Proceed, listening.

ACC-CW – Watch out for possible turbulence at … position … your twelve o’clock position, at uho-four-zero miles, already reported by traffic, the turbulence at three-three-zero.

22h27m42s VLO9063 – Okáy then, thank you very much.

22h29m51s VLO9063 – Center Nine-Zero-Six-Three.

ACC-CW – Confirm to the Center?

VLO9063 – O-Nine-Zero-Six-Three, could you confirm the traffic at the three o’clock position?

ACC-CW – Varig Log Nine-Zero-Six-Three confirm?

VLO9063 – Affirmative, could the traffic confirm the three o’clock position of Nine-Zero-Six-Three?

ACC-CW – The …the… the Center does not know traffic three o’clock position the Varig Log Nine-Zero-Six-Three.

VLO9063 – Yes, there is a traffic position three hours here okay?

ACC-CW – Okay, confirm the level that you have … observed in the tics?

VLO9063 – Negative, look at him here, three o’clock position here okay? It’s flying parallel to us here.

ACC-CW – Flying parallel, confirm?

22h31m00s VLO9063 – Affirmative, flying parallel to us.

ACC-CW- Understood, the Traffic-discovery centers the Varig Log Nine-Zero-Six-Three. 

VLO9063 -Customer.

22h32m19s ACC-CW – Varig Log Nine-Zero-Six-Three Centro.

VLO9063 – Proceed, listening.

ACC-CW – Confirm, is the traffic still under observation?

VLO9063 – Afirmative sir, on our right here, I just couldn’t wait (unintelligible). It’s a little bit taller than us here.


ACC-CW – A little bit taller, aware.

22h32m43s VLO9063 – Crossed now … we are going to cross here the two-seven-zero,

22h34m27s ACC-CW – Varig Log Nine-Zero-Half-Three ago … are there conditions to observe the type of the machine?

VLO9063 – (Blocked by another aircraft) … uphill, you are following here

22h35m00s ACC-CW – Okay Varig Log Nine-Zero-Half-Three.

22h35m16s ACC-CW – Varig Log Nine-Zero-Six-Three are there conditions to … give an estimate of the distance from … of possible traffic?

VLO9063 – No, it would be difficult to estimate, we are seeing the coast here, he is … he is over the sea there okay? In a little while we will accelerate a little more, if he continues to follow there we will know what it is right?

22h35m39s ACC-CW – Aware Varig Log Nine-Zero-Six-Three.

22h36m01s ACC-CW -Varig Log Nine-Zero-Six-Three contact the frequency one-three-three decimal eight.

22h36m13s VLO9063 – Three-three-eight.

22h36m14s ACC-CW – Affirmative.

22h36m25s [f.133.8 ACHG] VLO9063 – Curitiba good evening, Varig Log Nine-Zero-Six-Three

ACC-CW – Varig Log Nine-Zero-Meia-Três Centro Curitiba in one-three-three point eight, the Nine-Zero-Six-Three would have to specify more to … the traffic that is accompanying you?

VLO9063 – Yeah … on the way up we observed traffic, he was (unintelligible) okay, now he’s white and red (unintelligible), he’s over the sea ele

ACC-CW – Yeah … identify how it is … an aircraft or an object that is not being identified?

22h37m00s VLO9063 – A … does not identify it as an aircraft because it does not have (unintelligible) and apparently (unintelligible) okay, we are watching it more closely to see, let’s increase the speed and see if it follows.

ACC-CW – Okay. thank you, we are listening, sir, we are in a three three point eight with the unique frequency for your aircraft okay?

22h37m22s VLO9063 – One-three-three-eight (unintelligible). Thankful.

22h39m18s ACC-CW – Do you see Log Nine-Zero-Six-Three to confirm the situation at the moment?

VLO9063 – Still on the same okay, it’s blinking, slowly there, we are now leveling knot three-three-zero, we are with mach eighty, still going on, he’s apparently over the sea okay, no … it’s not far, okay … it’s far, but it’s not far, you can’t know what it is. Are we at a higher level than him okay?

ACC-CW – We have a plot at … your position of three … three hours, twenty-three miles, now passing.

VLO9063 – Confirm, what did you have there?

22h40m00s ACC-CW – It’s in … it’s in the opposite direction, it’s in the Southwest direction now, it shouldn’t be that the plot should be, he’s with two thousand nine hundred feet too …

VLO9063 – Yeah … no, negative, he’s here, he’s standing now, he’s following us, he’s standing apparently, on the way up he was red, all red, then he changed to white, now he’s all white, understand?

ACC-CW – Okay, sir.

???? – It’s colorado

22h40m29s VLO9063 – It can be, it can be.

22h40m35s VLO9063 – Now it looks closer okay?

ACC-CW – Okay, you have an idea of ​​distance, don’t you?

VLO9063 – Look, apparently he’s on the shoreline over there, apparently okay?

22h40m49s ACC-CW – On the coast line.

22h41m16s ACC-CW – Okay sir, we haven’t received it yet, I’m … I’m sweeping. scanning acmi and does not receive any primary target of any object near your aircraft or at the location given by Nine-Zero-Half-Three.

VLO9063 – Affirmative, yeah … yeah … apparently we don’t know what is okav? E. I believe that it would not be a star, because … until the day it changed … it changed color. it’s red, it flashed white red, now it’s all white, the trajectory is parallel to ours, we can’t say what is okay?

ACC-CW – Is there a format, sir?

VLO9063 – No. it is a light.

22h41m55s ACC-CW – A light, aware.

22h44m05s ACC-CW – Do you see Log Nine-Zero-Six-Three with … how does the situation look at the moment?

VLO9063 – Does it stay the same okay?

ACC-CW – Okay.

VLO9063 – Only attention was the okay color change and it looked like it was really flying parallel to us.

ACC-CW – But there are still changes and … and … the … apparently flying

parallel to Nine-Zero-Six-Three?

VLO9063 – Affirmative, it remains .., it is now in white color, it seems to be higher, above the … the sea there, a little into the coast there and now remains white, okay.

22h44m43s ACC-CW – Thank you.

22h46m36s VLO9063 – Curitiba Nove-Zero … Nine-Zero-Six-Three.

ACC-CW – Proceed sir.

VLO9063 – It seems to be higher and more correct now okav.

ACC-CW – Higher and closer, okay sir … does the color change remain?

VLO9063 – No. it remains white now sir.

ACC-CW – Aware.

VLO9063 – (Unintelligible) white «red.

22h46m55s ACC-CW – Aware.

22h48m30s ACC-CW – Nine-Zero-Six-Three Curitiba

VLO9063 – Proceed.


ACC-CW – Nine-Zero-Six-Three is … would you be able to inform is … is the number of objects one or more than one?

VLO9063 – Only one. (Unintelligible) What was strange, was that it was red, it was this change of color that became strange.

ACC-CW – In the affirmative, you said that the … would be a light, it doesn’t have a defined shape, right?

22h49m00s VLO9063 – No, it doesn’t have a definite shape, even because it’s a bit far away, sir.

ACC-CW – The size too?

VLO9063 – It is difficult to know the size, right, because it’s … so far, it’s a little far.

ACC-CW – Okay sir, the color … the color so it is now white and varies from., To red and returning to white, right?

VLO9063 – Previously it was varying, now it is, now it’s just white and it’s been a while.

22h50m00s ACC-CW – Nine-Zero-Six-Three, we are asking this … these … these questions, to fill out a report, it is … requested by the Air Defense, the distance in relation to your aircraft , you said it would be more or less on the coast line, is it closer now, positive?

VLO9063 – Now it seems to be further away okay, this is important to be filled out it’s farther now

ACC-CW – Okay, is it in relation to your aircraft following positive stop?

VLO9063 – That is the intention.

ACC-CW – The intention is that you are only following, right? On the same trajectory as the Nove-Zero-Meia Três flight?

VLO9063 – Confirm?

ACC-CW- Is he on the same trajectory as Nine-Zero-Six-Three?

22h50m40s VLO9063 – Yes, exactly.

22h51m12s ACC-CW- The Nine-Zero-Six-Three, the aircraft leaves some kind of trail, no?

VLO9063 – No, it can be a lot of things, what caught the … attention was the color change. Only. 22h51m28s ACC-CW – Affirmative sir.

22h52m50s ACC-CW – Nine-Zero-Six-Three Curitiba.

VLO9063 – Proceed

ACC-CW – Confirm the flight conditions at the moment?

VLO9063 – Visual.

ACC-CW – Visual and the object is still in its three o’clock position?


VLO9063 – Affirmative.

22h53m11s ACC-CW – Okay, thank you.

VLO9063 – There is traffic at the nine o’clock position okay, from Nine-Zero-Six-Three?

ACC-CW – Didn’t understand, confirm?

VLO9063 – Do you have any traffic in the Nine-Zero-Six-Three position?

ACC-CW – I have a traffic now your position from two to three, or three to two, four-two miles, maintaining … going up to three-seven-zero, now crossing two … twenty-three thousand and five hundred feet.

VLO9063 – The … the nine o’clock position at … there was traffic there, which went out okay?

ACC-CW – Ah yes, there was traffic at your … the nine o’clock position, level three-five-zero.

VLO9063 – It could be.

22h54m00s ACC-CW – But I did not understand what … what is the statement of Nine-Zero-Six-Three?

VLO9063 – Affirmative.

ACC-CW – No, I didn’t understand what the Nine-Zero-Six-Three is … I meant when reporting traffic at the nine o’clock position.

VLO9063 – Yes, there was a traffic at the 9 o’clock position (unintelligible), he deleted it He passed, we saw him, he deleted it. Position at … nine o’clock sir, passed.

ACC-CW – Passed, passed in your position at … approximately twenty miles, nine hours.

VLO9063 – Positive.

22h54m50s ACC-CW – Okay, this is the traffic, TAM Three-Zero-Five-Seven, at the level of three-five-zero.

ACC-CW – Confirming the Nine-Zero-Six-Three is Six-Three-Three, at … the moment the TAM Three-Zero-Five-Seven traffic passed its nine o’clock position, the object to its three o’clock position hours blacked out?

VLO9063 – No, no, no, negative, we saw the traffic that passed the 9 o’clock position, okay?

ACC-CW – Affirmative, does the situation remain in traffic for three hours a., The object for three hours still remains in the same position, positive?

VLO9063 – Affirmative, it can … it can be a lot of things, it can be a planet. a star, anything, what caught it was the color change here, that’s all.

22h55m21s ACC-CW – Okay, affirmative, sir.

22h57m04s ACC-CW – Nine-Zero-Six-Three Curitiba.

VLO9063 – Proceed, listening.


ACC-CW – Okay sir, we are … it is … the information from Nine-Zero-Six-Three, we tried various means of … of … of identifying some aircraft in the position that you informed and all the means that we tried here, we were not really able to identify any aircraft, the Center is unaware of any type of aircraft or it is … or another … or any other object, because the means we use does not accuse any object, none. .. a target in the proximity that Nine-Zero-Six-Three spoke, I will now pass it to the frequency one-two-three decimal seven, to continue on your … on your flight to Terminal São Paulo and whatever it is .. more information can you report in one-two-three-seven even okay?

VLO9063 – Okay then, thank you very much for your help and a good night.

22h58m01s ACC-CW – Good evening, sir.

22h58m40s [f. 123.7 ABHC] VLO9063 – Curitiba good night, it’s the Varig Log Nine-Zero-Six-Three, transfer keeping three-three-zero.

ACC-CW – See Log Nine-Zero-Six-Three trigger identification, maintain flight level three-three-zero, radar surveillance.

22h59m00s VLO9063 – Three-three-zero, surveillance, Nine-Zero-Six-Three.

23h02m43s ACC-CW – Varig Nine-Zero-Six-Three inform if the situation remains informed … informed to Centro Curitiba? Confirm for Varig Nine-Zero-Six-Three?

ACC-CW – Okay Varig Zero … Nine-Zero-Six-Three, inform if the situation remains informed to Centro Curitiba?

VLO9063 – Positive sir.

ACC-CW – Curitiba Center aware.

23h03m06s VLO9063 – Thank you.

22h11m45s VLO9063 – Center the Varig Log Nine-Zero-Six-Three for the descent.

ACC-CW – Varig Nine-Zero-Six-Three authorized Cumbica arrival, go down and maintain flight level two-two-zero, inform … inform Centro Curitiba of the situation informed.

VLO9063- Positive, authorized for two-zero-zero, expected Cumbica arrival, and stay … the situation previously reported remains okay.

ACC-CW – Go down and keep level two-two-zero, arrival Cumbica, Varig Nine-Zero-Six-Three. VLO9063 – Two-two-zero, Cumbica, positive. A

23h12m25s CC-CW – Correct collation.

23h14m05s ACC-CW – Varig Oito-Meia-Três-Zero inform Centro Curitiba if you see an object from … between two, three, four hours, an illuminated object?

VRG8630 – And what I see here … looks like a star.

23h14m22s ACC-CW – Aware.


23h14m45s VRG8630 – Control the Eight-Six-Three-Zero.

ACC-CW – Confirm for Centro Curitiba.

VRG8630 – Yeah … yeah … do you have any objects on the radar there?

ACC-CW – Negative, report from another aircraft.

VRG8630 – Okay, apparently a star.

23h15m02s ACC-CW – Aware.

23h16m25s ACC-CW – Varig Nine-Zero-Six-Three inform Centro Curitiba whether it remains the reported situation?

VLO9063 – We are instrument at the moment here now, (unintelligible).

ACC-CW – Aware, call Control São Paulo in one-three-four decimal nine.

23h16m43s VLO9063 -Three-four-nine, good night.

“This transcript constitutes a faithful expression of the communications established between the aforementioned parties, from 2224 UTC to 2316 UTC, including all language errors and terms inappropriate to standard phraseology **.

Curitiba, 08/21/03.

CTA Chief of the ACC-CW


Cf. ARQUIVO NACIONAL (Brasil). Sistema de Informações do Arquivo Nacional (SIAN). Fundo ‘Objeto Voador Não Identificado (OVNI)’. Código de Referência BR DFANBSB ARX.0.0.637. “Transcrição de diálogo sobre avistamento e objeto voador não identificado no espaço aéreo de Curitiba, Paraná”. Brasília, DF. 1952 a 2015. Último acesso realizado em 27/05/2020.



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