A woman reported a close encounter with an extraterrestrial inside her house . Pelotas-RS [1973]

“Mrs. Maria Farias Leivas, 66, married, resident of Balneário dos Prazeres (Laranjal), in Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul, told us the following and extraordinary fact she witnessed.”

“It was about 10:00 am, on October 7th, 1973. She was alone at home, and her husband had left for work. Mrs. Maria, was frightened when she noticed strange noises inside a room in the back of her residence, as if someone was walking around there. She could clearly hear footsteps on the floor. In this place of the house, groceries are stored and there are also some objects, including sleeping hammocks and fishing nets, belonging to his son, a married man, who lives in another house.

Mrs. Maria Leivas, despite her fear, went to check what was going on, but she didn’t see the intruder. After that, she reached the front door of the house, and was surprised when she looked. There, standing, was a “strange boy”, a type of student, but very similar to a Japanese man, mainly his eyes. He would be about 1.50m to 1.60m tall, skinny, and his clothing was very similar to that of a “hippie, but his blue-gray blouse had designs that were totally strange for the witness, similar to a rhombus. The belt had an unknown buckle type.

Maria approached the visitor and, of course, she asked who he was and what he wanted. To her surprise, the “boy” told him that moments earlier he had been inside the residence looking for a type of net that his son knew how to make. He added that he was not from Earth, but from another planet far beyond in the Space, and that his main objective when he was there was to learn how to make such a net, which would be used in baskets through which they would descend from their ships to the ground.

Then, Maria thinking that she was being fooled, told him that he had to leave, since she had no time to lose with someone who wanted to have fun at her expenses.

Faced with this impasse, the “young man”, to prove he was serious, pointed up and told the lady to watch as “they” descend from the ship that was not visible. Maria noticed, then, that suspended by a rope, came down towards the ground, a large and empty basket, made of ropes or similar material (see case of Canada, in 1971, SS&S Bulletin No. 63, 1973, p. 17) . She couldn’t see where the rope ended up there, only that it held the basket (about 2 meters high, approximately) which stopped when it touched the ground and then flattened it out, a few meters from the point where Maria and the “boy” were.

During the contact with extraterrestrial, which lasted about 5 minutes, he told the witness that “they have the ability to be among us humans without being noticed”, including with university students. For that they are characterized, or better, they take our human form, with the same clothes that we commonly wear, and so they walk easily among us without being perceived “.

One thing that really caught Maria’s attention, since the beginning of the encounter with the strange character, was a thin, silvery-yellow, shiny, but very beautiful rope that the “boy” carried with him under the arm. Asking about the uses of that rope, he replied that it was intended for making the net, whose type of weave he intended to learn to make with his son.

Maria remembered to ask the “young man” for a piece of the rope, but he surprisingly denied, saying that he was not allowed to do so. But, he said, the humans ahead will still have this material from which the rope is made, which using just a small piece, if diluted in water and taken three times, can cure our diseases, including cancer .

After that, the strange “boy” called Maria’s attention so that she could look at the way he was going to leave. Then, afterwards, she almost fainted, having to lean on the gate so as not to fall, and when she recovered, the strange visitor and the basket were no longer present. The lady immediately went looking for him, trying to see where he and the basket were, but as much as she looked, she saw nothing else. It was as if they had evaporated.


It should be added here that the extraterrestrial said to the witness, that he would return at another time when his son was working in the making of the net but that he would probably not be seen.

And this really happened, after approximately one year, after that memorable day on October 7, 1973, when the extraterrestrial appeared in front of Maria Leivas.

Mr. Manoel Leivas, 44 years old, married, son of Dona Maria, in an interview we had with him, told us the following: on a certain night, between 22:00hs and 23:00hs, after having obtained a piece of a rope for mooring ship, unraveling it, he managed to elaborate with that piece of rope, another part of the net.

Manoel Hugo told us that, on that occasion, he felt a strange sensation, as if he were being watched closely by someone invisible! With that in mind, he tried to work as quickly as possible and within an hour his task was over, having left the needles stuck in his own net, something he had never done before. After that occasion, he never resumed his work.

As for the authenticity of the present case, we have no doubt in accepting it as such, since other facts exist that corroborate this. Here in Brazil, for example, several cases of this nature have already occurred. SBEDV Bulletin no. 94/98, has printed on one of its pages, an article under the title “Observations of Discos Voadores no Pará”, by Ester C.L., in which she mentions cases of witnesses who saw extraterrestrial beings disappear in front of them. One fact mentioned by Ester C.L. deserves a special observation. The case Brigadier Commander of the Val-de-Cãs Air Base [in Belém do Pará] himself reported to her:

My soldiers also saw this couple. Because they found him very surprising, they decided to follow them on the road and, likewise, the” couple suddenly disappeared. “I am very grateful for this testimony, which is valuable to us, asking you to keep secret to all of this.

Now, a statement like that, coming from a high-ranking military man, such as this one, logically we must accept it without any major restrictions. This is because this officer certainly would not risk the position that he occupies of high responsibility, also the high reputation that he enjoys within that population, he would not report an unfounded fact.

The renowned researcher from Paraná, Carlos Varassim, our dear friend, through correspondence that addressed us, informed that when he traveled to Belo Horizonte, MG, in 1973, the illustrious colleague Prof. Guilherme Wirz confessed to him, that after many years studying the UFO problem, he came to the conclusion that “the beings that man the DVs [flying saucers] can present themselves to our eyes in different ways (and suits), this being not their real form”. And this, too, according to Wirz, was communicated by “them” telepathically to the tractor driver Toríbio Pereira, when he was told that “they presented themselves as they pleased in our eyes, and this is not their final, real form”.

Analyzing this aspect of the enigma presented by extraterrestrial beings, Carlos Varassim concludes: “Now, in the face of this fact (to be true), what advances all the immense work of Jader Pereira, classifying types, etc., if they are only appearances , not real beings?”

Maria Leivas is a person who should be classified as “sensitive”, because, in addition to this fact, she has seen strange things on many other occasions and even received communications from beings she says are from the “astral” [dimension]. In the Bulletin no. 03, from SPIPDV, pgs. 2 or 3  are dedicated to the first case lived by Mrs. Maria, that is, the one that occurred in 1952, when she was face to face with an alien crew member of a DV, with whom she had a quick dialogue, which tried “take her to another planet”.

Furthermore, to corroborate what we think about Mrs. Maria Leivas, it is interesting here to mention the article under the title “Are psychic people more likely to see UFOs?”, written by Janet Bord and published in the English Bulletin FSR of May / June 1972, on page 20, 21 and 22. In the initial text of her work, the columnist says:

Now that UFO researchers are more and more considering the possibility of correlating UFOs with a whole range of hidden phenomena, it is interesting that a deeper investigation of those who spotted UFOs, reveals that each witness spotted a UFO more than once, and also experienced what is commonly called psychic experience. It seems that there is a certain “sensitivity in operation, and those who have it are more likely to see all sorts of strange things, invisible to most human eyes.

“A man who falls into this category is Charles Jones. He lives in a pleasant rural area of ​​Indiana-USA, and has seen UFOs frequently for the past 24 years.” Now, regarding Mrs. Maria Leivas, we found a very significant coincidence. She also resides in a “pleasant rural area”, which is located in the Balneário dos Prazeres and, like Charles Jones, the area where she lives and where all UFOs and other phenomena have been observed, is generally flat and also limited by a big forest that is on the margins of Lagoa dos Patos (where the Balneário dos Prazeres is located).

Our opinion, therefore, is that both Mrs. Maria Farias Leivas and the american Charles Jones, are psychic people, which is why they are endowed with an extraordinary extrasensory perception, a faculty that, certainly, conditions them to experiences and communications dictated by highly evolved extraterrestrial beings, interested for one reason or another on our planet Earth. / Luiz do Rosario Real – Pelotas, October / 75 “

Cf. ARQUIVO NACIONAL (Brasil). Sistema de Informações do Arquivo Nacional (SIAN). Fundo ‘Objeto Voador Não Identificado (OVNI)’. Código de Referência BR DFANBSB ARX.0.0.157. “Extraterrestre”. Brasília, DF. 1952 a 2015. Último acesso realizado em 27/05/2020.


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