“Luminous phenomena” observed in Capão do Leão, Pelotas-RS [1975]

“Luminous phenomena observed in a Farm  located in Capão do Leão, Pelotas-RS”.


On June 28th, 1975, based on the information we had obtained previously from Mr. H.S., a radio transmission technician at Rádio Universidade de Pelotas, our group (consisting of the following people: L.R.R., President of SPIPDV, W.S.S. and P.L.M.C., also from SPIPDV, plus L.A.C., C.M., F.L.S., and H.N., all from the Astronomy Society of Colégio Municipal Pelotense) went to the farm owned by Mr. C. A. located in the rural area of ​​Pelotas, in the district of Capão do Leão, and 35 km from the headquarters. We left the city  in two cars at 3:10 pm and arrived there at 3:40 pm.

Unfortunately, we did not find Mr. C.A. on the property, because he had traveled to Pelotas in the morning. The foreman was also not present. With them we would have obtained information about the disappearance of animals on the farm, and even about the strange disease that has been observed in some animals. Therefore, we tried to talk to the foreman’s substitute. At first, he was a little afraid to say anything about the facts that have been happening on the farm. However, encouraged by us, he assured us that the reports we had about the existence of luminous phenomena and problems with animals, were correct, because he, although not having witnessed the events, knew through his service companions, of everything that happens in the farm.

Due to the late hour (it was already 4:00 pm), and as we would have to walk another 7 km until we reached the place of the events – this before dusk – and through a terrible path, we said goodbye to the man and continued our journey. We finally arrived in the area and we split into two groups, each one taking their own equipment, consisting of radio transmitters with a range of up to 27 km, compasses, battery, lanterns, binoculars, cameras and even a telescope.

However, before we arrived at this place – which is located next to some woods along the Piratini River, some 3 km before that point – we stopped at the last house of the farm, and met a person in charge of its machinery, Mr. AG with whom we talked for a few minutes. We asked him if he had seen a strange luminous object at night in that sector, and he promptly answered the following – this we recorded on magnetic tape – : “A few days ago, last week, me and my family, we saw three saucers at night, between 8:00 pm and 9:00 pm, flying close to that bush by the Piratini River. They were round in shape, like two dishes one up another one down over the other, and they made no noise, they were about 10 meters from the ground, and had an orange color“.

The man also added that, next to the bush on the banks of the Piratini River, more precisely in Ilha das Uvas, there is a strange and curious “jeep” that occasionally “walks above the ground”, and also “over the trees “… (!?) This is what some of the workers told him. But also that “when they were alone, they were invited to take a ride in that strange vehicle, but they ended up throwing themselves from the vehicle to the ground, scared, when they realized how the “jeep” – instead of driving down the road – was “flying” (!?)

Some of these workers also told us that “sometimes a “strange knight” also appears, and once he rushed at them and when he was very close, he simply “disappeared as if by magic”.

Well, after arriving at the place indicated to wait for the appearance of the luminous phenomena, we split into two groups, and then we started looking for traces or footprints, which could denote the presence of aliens or even some strange vehicle.

One thing, right away, caught the attention of us all. There was no bird to be seen in the vicinity, not even to hear its song, something common when in the woods. The silence was total. We had a strange feeling, as if something invisible was watching us.


It would be between 5:00 and 5:30 pm, when the first fact happened: the young girl C.M., who had stayed with the first group, at the base point of operations, a little nervous, warned us over the radio that she had just seen, in a quick moment, the appearance of a bright white light, over an eucalyptus grove located on the northeast side and at 10° above the horizon.

We were all atentious, watching that sector, but we saw nothing after that communication. However, it seemed to us that a sixth sense warned us that something extraordinary was about to happen.


Right after nightfall, it would be between 6:00 pm and 6:30 pm, the second fact came across us, and in the same direction as C.M. had seen that light close to the ground, about 800 meters from where we were standing, a red light was projected. Then it gradually increased in size, and suddenly, it expanded upwards, like the flames of a huge fire, up to a height of about 10 m. From there, the color changed to an orange tone in the upper part, and below it had a rotating bright red color, as seen from binoculars. In the meantime, we noticed “flashes” of white light, which sometimes stood out from the larger light, that was orange.

This spectacle of rare beauty, such as the projection of light emitted there, lasted approximately 5 minutes. After that, we saw the transformation from orange and red light to an opaque white tone, and its size decreased a lot, becoming a triangular shape with the vertex upwards.

Moments after the curious projection had dimmed, I urged the companions to get closer to where the “light” was. Returning up to about 200 meters, along the same path, where we had passed before, we parked the cars and went to stand on an elevation of the terrain. From there we were able to observe better and with more vision the strange luminous phenomenon. We signaled several times, towards that point, with the battery lanterns, even blinking and describing angles with the beam of light, so that they would understand that we wanted them to approach us. For a moment, it seemed that its light was flashing. In the meantime, the orange light had already changed to a matte or opaque white, and at its side, about 20 meters away, another identical point of light appeared”.


We were all in that natural euphoria and extremely agitated, with that dazzling spectacle that we had just witnessed, that we even forgot to set up the telescope, with which we could have better identified that light source.

But, I’m not sure why, I came up with the idea of ​​trying to communicate over the radio with those intelligences that would certainly be maneuvering that light projection. And so we did. Followed by the other two in the group, we started by speaking more or less in this way: “Attention! If you really are astronauts from another planet who are here, try to give us an affirmative sign. We are here on a peace mission and we would like to contact you personally”. More than once, we repeated this without getting any answer.

But, when fellow W.S.S., spoke to him more or less in these words: “Gentlemen astronauts, brothers from another planet, please, so that we are sure that you are there and it is not an illusion of ours, erase the lights, please … turn off the lights …” And at that very moment, we saw ourselves with the most vivid emotion, when those two points of white light were completely extinguished, extinguishing from top to bottom, giving us the understanding that whoever was there had picked up the radio broadcast. Through the binoculars, I could see that at the point where the first luminous spot was located, there was only a tiny ball of red light, not perceived by the naked eye.

The reaction among the group was soon noticed. Some of the companions, perhaps because of their little knowledge of these facts, they were very nervous and quite agitated, with the intention of showing their desire to return immediately to the city, alleging problems with the car.

Therefore, as the coordinator of the group, I suggested that we waited just a few more minutes, to see if they would move towards where we were and, as it did not happen, we all started to come back to Pelotas, where we arrived at 21:00.

It is also worth adding the following: after that extraordinary light projection, we began to observe other points of white light, such as flashlights, over the bush to our left, to our rear, and also towards the right.

A very interesting fact: during the initial projection of that red and orange light, when we were still more distant, we heard over the intercom radio that we carried, as if there were several people speaking in Spanish, similar to the transmission of radio amateurs. However, we were so excited to observe the light phenomenon, that we did not remember to try to find out what they were talking about and where the transmission came from.

Still one more detail: the companion P.L.M.C., when the extraordinary red and orange light appeared, he took 3 photos with a film of 125 w., but, unfortunately, after developed, it was found that, in the film, he captured nothing, perhaps due to the little sensitivity of the film, which was a shame. “

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